7 Jul 2023

Unleashing the potential of digital prospecting for real estate agents

You’ve worked hard to build a database, but is your database working for you?

Too long agents have relied on doorknocking and mailers to generate leads… but what else can you do? Enter: the Price Update.


How to prospect online with a Price Update

A Price Update is a simple and easy way to prospect real estate digitally. It’s a prospecting tool tailored with relevant information for your prospects property, including market sentiment, similar sales and general suburb info. Instead of taking hours to pull together, a Price Update takes two minutes – and our research also suggests 1 in 10 Price Updates sent convert to an appraisal.

“What makes Price Updates effective is that the information is a direct one to one prospecting that is relevant, personalised and warm,” explains Lee Woodward, real estate trainer and founder of The Complete Salesperson. “[It’s] the very best way to claim the doors of your area and secure future business.”


Why agents should prospect real estate digitally

There are many benefits to prospecting digitally with Price Updates:

  • Lets agents be effective, not annoying: replaces traditional cold calling techniques with something more relevant
  • Follow up at the perfect time: Realtair lets you know when a potential client opens your Price Update
  • Add a personal touch to prospecting: Price Updates are personalised, making them more interesting to those who receive them
  • Gives agents back time: Price Updates take two minutes to create, meaning you can stay in touch with more people in less time
  • More listings mean more revenue: it’s a simple numbers game!

“As agents, we need to stop asking our future potential clients if they are looking to sell,” explains Shane Slater, Realtair Co-Founder and agent at The Agency. “Rather [we should] be the agents that provide them with great relevant sales information, so when they become a seller, they call us for an appraisal.”


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