18 Jul 2023

Integrated real estate platforms – more than just electronic signatures

In today’s fast-paced digital world, real estate agents are constantly seeking innovative tools and technologies to streamline their operations and enhance their productivity. While electronic signatures have become commonplace in the industry, there is a growing need for comprehensive digital platforms that offer more than just an electronic signature for real estate contracts.

One such platform that stands out is Realtair, an integrated real estate tool that not only facilitates digital real estate contracts but also enables agents to manage entire campaigns efficiently.

Below are just some of the ways that integrated platforms like Realtair are revolutionising the way real estate agents conduct their business.


Streamline real estate electronic signatures and contract management

Traditionally, the process of managing contracts in the real estate industry has been time-consuming and paperwork-intensive. Agents would spend countless hours printing, signing, scanning, and faxing documents.

Electronic signatures have undoubtedly simplified the traditional process by allowing agents to sign contracts digitally. However, Realtair takes it a step further by providing a comprehensive platform that digitises the entire contract management process.

From document creation and editing to sending and tracking, Realtair ensures a seamless and real estate specific workflow to aid compliance. Agents can easily access contracts, make updates, and request signatures from clients and other stakeholders, reducing delays and potential errors.


Campaign management made easy

A successful real estate campaign involves much more than just signing contracts. It requires careful planning, effective marketing, and precise coordination between the various parties involved. This is where integrated platforms like Realtair truly shine.

Realtair offers a range of features designed to simplify and streamline campaign management. Agents can create and manage property campaigns, and monitor the effectiveness of their prospecting efforts.

With Realtair, real estate agents have a centralised hub that empowers them to efficiently manage their entire campaign from start to finish.

“Without Realtair [our team] would have spent 234 hours just on exchanging contracts every year — that's 5.85 hours a week. Now they can do that in an hour."

Ellie Lane_Headshot
Ellie Lane
Operations Manager, Manor Real Estate

Seamless collaboration and communication

Collaboration and communication are vital aspects of any real estate transaction. Integrated platforms like Realtair recognise this need and provide tools that facilitate seamless collaboration between agents, clients, and other professionals involved in the process.

Realtair enables agents to invite clients to the real estate document signing platform, granting them access to relevant documents and allowing them to review and sign contracts remotely.

Furthermore, agents can communicate with clients, receive feedback, and address queries within the platform, eliminating the need for back-and-forth emails or phone calls.

By centralising communication and collaboration, Realtair enhances efficiency and improves client-agent relationships.


Advanced analytics and insights

Another significant advantage of integrated real estate platforms like Realtair is their ability to provide valuable analytics and insights. Realtair tracks and analyses data related to campaign performance, lead generation, client interactions, and more.

Agents can access detailed reports and metrics that help them evaluate the effectiveness of their strategies, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions. This level of analytics empowers agents to refine their marketing efforts, optimise their campaigns, and ultimately achieve better outcomes for their clients.


As the real estate industry continues to embrace digital transformation, integrated platforms like Realtair offer a comprehensive solution for agents looking to go beyond electronic signatures.

By combining contract management, campaign management, collaboration tools, and advanced analytics in a single platform, Realtair streamlines operations, enhances productivity and improves client-agent interactions.
Real estate agents who leverage such integrated platforms position themselves at the forefront of the industry, equipped with the tools needed to succeed in today’s competitive market.

Embracing the power of an integrated real estate document signing platform like Realtair is not just about electronic signatures; it’s about transforming the way real estate professionals do business.

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