Integrate Property Guru by CoreLogic with Realtair

Property Guru by CoreLogic offers innovative intelligence in the property industry, including property insights and foresight that are powered by accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date data.

Integrate your Property Guru account with Realtair to add compelling data points to your Realtair presentations, and efficiently pull through details of recent sales and listings.

This data can be displayed in:

  • Price Updates
  • Proposals
  • Agency Agreements
For Super Admins and Group Admins
  1. Go to Accounts > Users & Groups > Group > Search Groups : enter keyword > Select a group name > settings

  2. Go to the Login to CoreLogic tab

  3. Click the Login to CoreLogic button. The page will redirect to the CoreLogic login page.

  4. Enter the CoreLogic username and password.

  5. Select the Group’s CoreLogic account to be linked.

  6. Upon connecting to agency’s CoreLogic’s account, the CoreLogic token and Refresh Token will be added in the backend and the page will redirect to the Group setting’s page in Accounts.

  7. A message “You are now connected to your CoreLogic account.” will show on the page

  8. A button to view CoreLogic End User Terms will appear that will redirect to CoreLogic Licence Agreement.

  9. Now all agents under the Offices of the Group will have CoreLogic’s Disclaimer on some forms on both Pitch and Sign

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