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11 Aug 2023

How digital agent Max Wagschall writes $1Mil+ in GCI with no PA

In a rapidly evolving world, where time is a precious commodity, the real estate industry often finds itself tethered to traditional methods: paper contracts, prospecting in-person or by cold calls, and a lot of manual labour.

One of Realtair’s first users and an early contributor to the platform’s development, Max Wagschall from The Agency is often credited with being the model digital agent.

“I had a pretty clean and efficient process as an agent. Pete could see the way I was doing things aligned with where they saw the industry heading,” says Max. “I was never a fan of having assistants. Over time I have been able to create a system that didn’t need me to have an extra person to help me. The way the Realtair product works has fitted nicely into my process.”

As a solo agent with no assistant or PA, Max can write over $1Mil in GCI (gross commission income) by leveraging the Realtair platform to operate an accelerated real estate process.


Real estate software vs real estate assistants

The biggest barrier to growth for a real estate agent’s business is time.

With only 24 hours in the day, it often boils down to three choices:

  1. Reducing workload by limiting tasks (e.g. taking on fewer listings, doing less per listing)
  2. Hiring an assistant or associate agent
  3. Embracing software and automation to simplify processes

By adopting Realtair for prospecting, running auctions and contract signing, Max Wagschall has a cost-effective way to scale while keeping him involved with his clients without adding another team member.

“Why would you pay an assistant $80,000 a year to drive around Sydney and exchange contracts? If you have an assistant, there are better ways to use their time,” says Max, who takes advantage of Realtair’s electronic signing features.

On average, Realtair agents can save 11 hours per listing compared to agents who don’t use Realtair.


Accelerating real estate lead generation using Price Updates

In 2020, with face-to-face interactions limited and lockdown in Sydney, Realtair’s Price Updates became an invaluable way for Max to stay in touch with his database.

Using Realtair, Max sends homeowners a quick Price Update containing comparable sales around their property in two minutes. When recipients don’t respond, he sends a quick email or text message with the link to the Price Update.

This works well because:

  • Many recipients engage with the content even if they don’t answer the call, allowing Max to leverage missed calls as an opportunity for connection.
  • Realtair notifies Max when a Price Update is opened, even months later, giving him a reason to get in touch with them again.

As Max makes clear, you can’t just blast thousands of Price Updates off and not talk to people. But Price Updates unlock more warm conversations in a relationship-based business like real estate, especially compared with cold calling.

Because Realtair tells agents when their proposals are opened, the follow-up phone call can be timed at the perfect moment for maximum conversion.

Through years of local experience in Sydney’s Northern suburbs, Max Wagschall has built up a database of over 4,000 contacts. Using his CRM, Agentbox, which integrates with Realtair, Max has created a repeatable, consistent, and automated process for prospecting new listings through Price Updates.

Fellow The Agency agent and Realtair Co-Founder Shane Slater also swears by Price Updates – in fact, it’s the only type of prospecting he does. He has noticed up to 10% of the Price Updates he sends to his database have turned into appraisals.

Want to learn more about how Realtair’s Price Updates work?

Learn more about Price Updates

Running auctions with just one agent and one auctioneer

Because Max leverages Realtair to run his auctions, he can operate everything on auction day with a lean team – whether it’s an in-person, online or Hybrid Auction.

Usually, a lead agent works with buyers at an auction and a few assistants will pencil and register bids. With Realtair, the auction can be scaled back to just Max and the auctioneer who performs the auction as he can pencil in the bids using an iPad.

“I don’t feel like there’s a need to make it so complicated,” Max reiterates.

Auctions aren’t just about selling the house – Max also leverages his online auction recordings to close the loop and prospect to his database to nurture them.

“Any good auction you’ve got coming up that weekend, send the link to your potential pipeline. Even if they don’t watch it live, you can still download the recording and follow it up so those potential clients see what transpired that Saturday,” says Max.


Closing the loop by signing real estate contracts and agreements digitally

Compared to other agents, the difference in selling with Max is the speed – a lot of that he credits to using Realtair to digitally sign his Agency Agreements and Contracts of Sale as fast as possible.

“Contracts have to be signed digitally,” Max adds. “Age doesn’t prevent clients from signing contracts digitally. I had a client who was 85, and she had no problem signing on her phone. I also don’t pay for printing contracts, and I don’t worry about missing parts of contracts when exchanging them.”

One time after meeting a client at 6 PM, Max sent them the Agency Agreement using Realtair once he got home. He was able to spend the rest of his evening without worrying about being undercut by another agent at the last minute. By 10 PM, the Agency Agreement was back in his inbox and signed.

“The speed at which you can get things finalised – that protects you as an agent,” he concludes.


Agents who don’t evolve will get left behind

Max Wagschall encourages agents on the fence about changing their processes to open their minds to using tech like Realtair.

“If you want to advance in the industry and provide something better in the marketplace, then why would you not give it a go?” remarks Max.

The value of using Realtair as a real estate agent lies in the details – how quickly Max can get contracts executed and exchanged, how he can send them a link to see the bids happening live. Over time, and once the client has worked with other agents that do things the old way, they can start to feel the difference.

"If you want to advance in the industry and provide something better in the marketplace, then why would you not give it a go?"

Max Wagschall_Headshot
Max Wagschall
Property Partner, The Agency North

“Using Realtair fundamentally changes how you can sell the properties. Being able to sign contracts remotely, being able to put the onus back on the buyer by making offers on contracts; it makes you a better agent.”

By harnessing the power of platforms like Realtair, Max demonstrates that embracing innovation isn’t just a choice for agents – it’s the key to thriving in a competitive industry.

Will Realtair unlock the growth you’re looking for in real estate?

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