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21 Nov 2022

From bricks to clicks: how digital agents are coming out ahead

As a real estate agent, good time management is one of the most important skills you can master. But without the right tools, being organised with your time will only get you so far – after all, tasks done well are still tasks that need to be done. 

With the right tools you can quickly automate manual and often laborious tasks, radically freeing up your time. This could be as simple as taking your documentation and deposit collection online, meaning you no longer have to drive to a buyer’s house to sign a late night contract again!

Take a look below at some of the other ways you can use digital tools like Realtair to achieve more with less, and find out what it means to be a true ‘digital agent’. 


Digital prospecting with Price Updates

Traditionally agents have spent countless hours cold calling and sending mailers to potential clients. But let’s admit it: no one likes cold calls and mailers are made for the bin. Going digital can change this.

By taking the prospecting process online, digital agents can reach more people with much less time. At Realtair we do this with Price Updates.

Think of a Price Update as a digital doorknock – it’s a tailored mini-presentation with information specific to your potential client. 

A Price Update will automatically pull in:

  • General market sentiment
  • Surrounding sales
  • Suburb information
  • An introduction to you

And the best news of all? It only takes an address and two minutes to pull together – and approximately 1 in 10 Price Updates sent convert to a listing. It truly is the smartest way to prospect.


Digital tools help ace the listing presentation

So you’ve captured the attention of your prospect and you’re sitting in their lounge room: how do you bring that extra wow-factor to your listing presentation? The answer, of course, is digital.

“Technology is complementing us at the moment and helping us win listings in a tough market, for sure,” explains Kevin Buchanan, Senior Sales Executive at Manor Real Estate. “We’ll send a pre and post-list kit using Realtair – and sometimes it feels like you’ve already won the listing simply from looking and feeling more professional.”



Digital marketing for real estate agents

Of course, working digitally doesn’t just mean taking your tasks online, it also means reaching people online too – because there’s no better way to market yourself than on social media.

“Digital content is a fantastic way to demonstrate your infectious passion for real estate,” explains Lee Woodward, Founder of The Complete Salesperson Course. “Produce content that shows you in action or provides information about the local community. People will not only find this content useful but also get a sense of who you are, which will inspire them to contact you.”

Keen to learn more about how you can power-up your digital marketing? Check out these ‘Golden Rules’ for social media content by Adam Moore, Agent and Auctioneer at Stone Real Estate, Manly.


Expand your buyer pool by selling online or through a Hybrid Auction

The last few years have shown how important it is to be nimble in the face of adversity – and to always have a back-up plan in place. The good news is that selling real estate online or through a Hybrid Auction is easier than ever.

Having a range of online options available at your fingertips allows you to sell no matter what life throws your way – and allows buyers to participate no matter where they are.

Ways of selling real estate online include:

“There’s really no excuse for buyers not to bid,” explains Jake Mackenzie, Realtair’s Sales Manager. “I don’t know why an agent wouldn’t want to allow somebody to potentially bid on a property if they can’t get there.”


Finalise the sale quicker with digital contracts and deposit collection

When it comes to auction day, nothing helps simplify the process more than taking all the admin online, even for an in-person auction.

Not only that, but by moving your contracts and deposit collection online in one platform ensures the whole process is safer – fewer touch points means less opportunities for scammers.

“All pre-registration is done online [before] the auction,” explains Kevin. “We’ve got an iPad set up, we enter their details through there. There’s no paper format where you have to then re-enter them into the database. 

“Contracts are all done on the iPad through Realtair, so as soon as the auction is done, it’s already pre-formulated. Instead of having to write out the whole contract, wait for them to sign, then pack up and go – we’re pretty much saying, ‘Sign here, you’re done.’ and we’re going to the next auction.”



Working digitally means everything you do, from prospecting to settlement, is done online. That’s a huge benefit, as it streamlines the process for everyone involved. 

So brush up your digital skills, because the future of real estate belongs to digital agents. 

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