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25 Aug 2023

4 essential real estate marketing tips 2023

When it comes to marketing yourself as a real estate agent, it’s essential that agents modernise the way they market themselves beyond the local letter drop through digital content.

Because in today’s online world, digital agents are the ones to come out ahead of the pack.


Be where the customers are — on social media

If you don’t already have a social media presence, you may feel a bit left behind.

“Digital channels are part of the real estate landscape today, which means that, as professionals in our field, we need to find better ways not only to meet these expectations but exceed them,” says Lee Woodword, who coaches real estate agents on The Complete Salesperson framework. “Our industry has a reputation for reluctance to change, but learning about things like Facebook Live and how live auctions work can make a huge difference to your business.”


Master one thing, don’t be a jack of all trades

It’s easy to become overwhelmed when you hear new phrases like virtual reality and A.I. (Has anyone tried to use NFTs in real estate yet?) But it’s best to start with getting one channel right first.

Speak to your team, your friends and clients themselves — what would they find real value in?

For example, podcasts are fantastic but you may find that your clients prefer articles and blogs on your website, which help them prepare their home for sale. Virtual reality may be a nice-to-have, but your customers could tell you that they want to see infographics with statistics about your local suburbs instead.

It’s okay to not get it right the first time, but make sure to ask for feedback from customers about what they find useful.


Video is still king; use it to create a powerful fanbase by sharing knowledge

Lee recommends agents keep videos in their tool belt when it comes to marketing. “To be a modern agent, one of the most effective ways to connect with vendors and buyers is still the use of video,” says Lee.

While nothing new, the use of video is still impactful enough to set agents apart from the rest. “When I was an agent, my goal was to empower people with the right information that allowed them to make informed decisions. This saw me build a fan base of followers who are keen to profit from my knowledge. It’s important to gain their trust as the right person to sell their most important financial asset.”

The next time you want to share a market update with your Facebook followers? Try a video update instead.

Why does video work?

Because it drives connection – just ask Henry Wong.

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Get organised, or get left behind

When you’re actively experimenting and implementing new marketing ideas, you may find yourself spread a bit thin. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when faced with a plan to post once a week on Instagram, but no ideas. There are some essential tools that you should consider using to help manage your marketing plan:

“The most important thing when marketing yourself as a real estate agent — enjoy it!” Lee emphasises. “Digital content is a fantastic way to demonstrate your infectious passion for real estate. Produce content that shows you in action or provides information about the local community. People will not only find this content useful but also get a sense of who you are, which will inspire them to contact you.”