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🚀Come and see us live at AREC on the 26 – 27th May 🚀

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15 Mar 2023

From cold calls to connections: How Henry Wong achieves a 92% clearance rate with Realtair

While the word ‘authentic’ may not be one commonly associated with real estate agents, Henry Wong from RE/MAX Revolution is a prime example of what it means to be authentic. His warmth and genuine demeanour are undeniable… which is, of course, exactly why he excels in his field.

He’s earned a reputation for trust and reliability, making him the go-to choice for word of mouth recommendations in his area of Shailer Park, Queensland. He boasts an exceptional 92% clearance rate, consistently delivering results for his clients. 

Henry has a knack for building lasting relationships and earning the trust of his clients, particularly when it comes to high-end properties and affluent buyers – but this is something he couldn’t achieve without the help of Realtair. 


Connection is at the heart of every real estate sale

At the heart of Henry’s approach to real estate sales is a focus on connection. As many successful agents know, building strong connections is essential to achieving great outcomes in real estate. To Henry, connection comes simply as a by-product of helping those around him.

“Throughout my whole life – my experiences, my contacts – I ask myself, ‘How can I add value to people over there? Do I have an edge over there?'” Henry explains. “If you help people with the other parts of their life, even though it’s nothing to do with real estate, they’ll remember you. Word gets around.”

A focus on people is not only smart, it’s backed by research. In a recent study by PWC, 42% of consumers would pay more for a friendly, welcoming experience. Real estate educator Lee Woodward explains: “Your success is founded upon two things: building relationships and providing value.

“Making the time to build relationships and add value will earn you the professional trust of prospective clients because you are seen to be offering value without looking for something in return”



Realtair helps foster connections over time

When starting out, Henry relied mostly on cold calls and letters to prospect, but found only a small number of people were ready to do business immediately. Many weren’t thinking about selling for 6-12 months – or even a few years. 

Henry needed a way to cultivate connections over a long period of time, without taking a lot of time. Then he discovered Realtair.

“Software helps speed things up, especially with mobile phone applications,” says Henry.  With Realtair, he explains, “you just click! click! click! It takes five minutes instead of 30. [It’s] a game changer!”

Henry’s most used feature of Realtair is Price Updates. Price Updates are a fast and easy way to digitally prospect that’s tailored to the recipient. They allow him to regularly connect and provide value, without being annoying. 

“I send a Price Update to my contacts every two months. It’s not like you’re hassling them, like with a phone call. You’re not interrupting them, they can choose to ignore it – but you know when they’ve read it.”

Price Updates are quick, personal and they get results – just ask Henry: “The majority of sellers I have on board are clients because I’ve kept in touch for quite a long period of time.”

"I send a Price Update to my contacts every two months. It's not like you're hassling them, like with a phone call. You're not interrupting them, they can choose to ignore it – but you know when they’ve read it."

Henry Wong
Henry Wong
Licensed Real Estate Agent, RE/MAX Revolution - Shailer Park

Great real estate agents find their niche and their market

Because this personable approach is integral to all that he does, Henry believes that finding the right niche is crucial to success.

“You’ve got to really pick your market right,” says Henry. “You need to find a market where the people get along with you. There’s no right or wrong, it’s a market that actually suits you that has a turnover.”

Most of Henry’s buyer leads come from his Facebook page, where he has more than 12,000 followers. All of his auctions are run online, which allows potential clients to see him in action and get to know him better – essential for his approach.

Lee agrees: “One of the most effective ways to connect with vendors and buyers is still the use of video. It’s important to gain their trust as the right person to sell their most important financial asset.”



Realtair makes personalised real estate service effortless

Through his commitment to providing value to the community and building strong relationships with his clients, Henry has established a successful real estate business with a solid reputation.

Now Realtair, he can now offer even more personalised services, more efficiently and at a larger scale. He’s able to connect over longer periods of time, ensuring he continues to foster his future database. Ultimately, Realtair helps Henry prospect smarter, not harder.

By harnessing the power of technology and combining it with his dedication to client satisfaction, Henry is able to drive world class results – without jeopardising his integrity. And for that, he should be proud.