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28 Nov 2022

How to use Realtair for property management growth and retention

What’s the #1 problem you’re facing as a rental department today?

Is it:

  • Acquiring more rentals for your portfolio?
  • Retaining properties and engaging landlords?
  • Renewing leases and growing rent reviews?

You’ll be glad to know that Realtair is not only a platform for sales agents – many Property Managers and Business Development Managers are using Realtair for rental management as well.


Impress landlords and win more rental listings with Realtair

It’s not easy standing out in a crowded market, but technology like Realtair can help Business Development Managers make an impact.  

Our Price Update template is a lead generation tool that keeps investors up to date with what’s happening around their investment property. It can be built in as little as two minutes, thanks to:

  • Comparable property data being automatically pulled in for a specific address
  • Easily being able to add your reviews and testimonials
  • The ability to pop the link into an email or SMS to flick off to a client

If your initial pitch doesn’t quite win the rental listing, you can follow up with a full digital proposal in less than ten minutes. It’s sure to leave an impression with all your potential clients!


Realtair helps retain landlords in your rental portfolio

Once the rental property is in your portfolio, the Price Update is also a simple way for Property Managers to keep landlords engaged. It also helps minimise leakage when your client decides to sell by ensuring you’re front of mind.

Like sales agents who send regular Price Updates to their database, regular client updates for property owners about the rental market is a great way to keep them engaged and offer a higher level of service, all while saving you time.

“Realtair actually gives you more time in your day because everything can be done on the go,” explains Operations Manager Carrie Stevenson from RE/MAX Revolution, Queensland. “Plus it’s pretty much pre-formulated, so all you have to do is fill in the blank. Rather than taking half an hour to an hour and a turnaround time of three or four days, you literally get it all done in 10 minutes.”

Realtair is a quick and easy way of adding immense value for your landlords – and for yourself.

“If you want something more personalised – or you simply want to speed up your communication with vendors, possible vendors and existing landlords – then Realtair is the best way to go.”

Carrie Stevenson
Carrie Stevenson
Operations Manager, RE/MAX QLD

Going digital empowers your team with ultimate flexibility

We’re believers in empowering real estate professionals with the right tools and technology. No matter what your client prefers or what issues come up, we’ve got you covered. 

Designer out of town? No problem! Our ready-to-use templates look great out of the box and can be tweaked in only a few steps.

Printer not working right before a big client meeting? That’s ok! Everything in Realtair, from proposals to documents, is done digitally and can be accessed anywhere.

We’ve made sure our templates work beautifully on desktop, mobile or on the table – in Australia or on the other side of the world.


How do I get started using Realtair for property management?

We know making the shift to digital can be daunting, and every team works a little bit differently. That’s why we have a dedicated team to help ensure you’re set up for success – just reach out, and we’ll be in touch

“Having been in the industry a long time, I know change isn’t always easy; we’re all used to doing what we’re comfortable doing,” says Carrie. “But I think you just have to do it!”

Want to grow and retain your rental listings?

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