🚀 Live Webinar: Learn how to prospect, list and sell with Realtair 🚀

🚀 Live Webinar: Learn how to prospect, list and sell with Realtair 🚀

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8 May 2023

The rise of the digital agent: How Realtair helps Brendan Stead drive results

In the fast-paced and competitive world of real estate, success often hinges on the ability to stay ahead of the curve. With buyers demanding more personalised experiences and sellers looking to maximise profits, real estate agents must navigate an intricate web of paperwork, compliance and best practices to succeed. The solution? Technology.

Brendan standing out the front of a beautiful home with a big smile on his face.

Brendan Stead from Elders Lifestyle Group in Port Macquarie is a prime example of leveraging technology to drive better results. With the help of Realtair, Brendan improves efficiency, enhances client experiences and remains at the forefront of his field. 

Brendan explains how when he was first introduced to Realtair, he knew it would be revolutionary. By starting small, Brendan was able to incorporate Realtair into every step of his real estate process.

“Realtair is a major, major part of my business now,” says Brendan. Let’s take a close look at his journey to becoming a digital agent.


Create a dedicated listing stream with Realtair’s Price Updates

The prospecting process can be a tedious one for many agents, especially those just starting out. But Realtair’s Price Updates help streamline prospecting by taking it online. Price Updates are tailored prospecting presentations that really pack a punch – on average 5-7% of Price Updates sent convert to a sale. 

Early in his real estate journey, Brendan started sending 15-20 Price Updates per day. With each one taking approximately two minutes to put together, it didn’t take long to do – and it didn’t take long to see the benefit either. Brendan very quickly gained a new dedicated listing stream.

Brendan enlisted his sister to help increase the amount of Price Updates he was sending. Eight months later, they were sending 30-40 Price Updates per day and he’d hired a leverage agent to help with follow-up calls. Brendan’s real estate business was growing rapidly and he needed help with the workload. Realtair allowed Brendan to succeed – and to scale.

"Realtair’s been a game changer for me. It’s allowed me to make the right calls at the right time to the right people. It's been a valuable tool for streamlining my communication and increasing efficiency in my business."

Brendan Stead
Agent & Auctioneer, Elders Real Estate, Port Macquarie

How Realtair helped Brendan go from listing presentation to listing signed

This efficiency doesn’t end at the inbox either – Realtair helps Brendan go from listing presentation to signed listing in one step too. 

Brendan will go to a property to do an appraisal, then follow up with a digital proposal within a few hours. Instead of having to return to the home a second time, Brendan makes it easy for his prospects to work with him.

“I say to my clients: ‘I leverage technology and make it very, very simple for you to do business with me. All you have to do is to give me the green light – I’ll have everything digitally in your inbox. Sign it, send it back to me and I’ll contact the solicitors and get the ball rolling.'”

Real estate trainer Lee Woodward calls this ‘The Technical Close’, a powerful technique that increases your chance of securing a listing. Essentially, it involves sending a digital contract to the seller after leaving the property, which simplifies the process for the seller and makes it easier for them to agree. 

Lee explains: “Once they receive it, you’re notified that it’s been opened. And what if they’ve opened it three times today? You’re now 99% there. If it’s easy to do business with you, they may see a house they get excited about and they go, ‘You know what, let’s get ours on the market.'”

“It takes a lot of weight off their shoulders,” agrees Brendan. “It’s just so simple.”


How Timed Auctions and Sales are revolutionising real estate 

As a true digital agent, Brendan recognises the benefits of working online extend far beyond contracts. He also sells property online, having success with Timed Auctions.

Timed Auctions are a revolutionary approach to selling real estate, taking place entirely online. Buyers can participate at any time before the auction end time, but any bid made in the closing five minutes resets the clock for a further five minutes. They’re an incredible way to create urgency while also being transparent, trustworthy and secure.

“It’s been really good, especially [when dealing with] multiple offers and buyers,” explains  Brendan, who says Timed Auctions have been an ‘absolute lifesaver’ for him.

“I’ve had nothing but extremely positive feedback from buyers due to the simplicity and transparency of it.”


The importance of transparency in a changing market

This transparency is an integral part of why Brendan loves Realtair. As the market continues to change and evolve, it’s crucial to remember the importance of looking after buyers. 

Timed Auctions, explains Brendan, are “a lot more transparent for buyers in a difficult market. I’m excited to see how it will change as the market continues to change, and how we adapt and use technology through that.”

In order to maintain trust and build strong relationships with buyers, it’s important for agents to adapt to this changing landscape and prioritise buyer needs.

Pete Matthews, Realtair Co-Founder and CEO, agrees: “You need to be mindful of buyer unease. In the current market, buyers will look for agent transparency in the sales process. No one likes to feel as if they’ve been treated unfairly, and that’s especially true now. Buyers need to have complete trust and certainty in you. The more trust they have in you, the more trust they will have in the industry as a whole – and that benefits everyone.”


Realtair helps agents grow and scale

As Brendan looks to the future, what he’s most excited about is growing. Because Realtair allows Brendan to work more efficiently (and get better results!), he’s able to expand his team in a way he wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

“I’ve got a leverage agent who I chose to put on first, but now I’m extending to a third person by taking on an executive assistant,” says Brendan. “Previously we were doing approximately 50 transactions a year – I want to get that to 80.”

Technology like Realtair doesn’t just allow Brendan to thrive, it allows those who work with him to thrive as well.

“It’s Realtair that’s allowing me to grow the business. It just helps you do more in less time.”

5 Steps to becoming a successful digital agent with Brendan Stead

  1. Utilise Digital Introductions to eliminate awkward moments when first meeting clients.
  2. Keep in touch regularly by sending Price Updates and other relevant information to stay top of mind.
  3. Improve your listing conversion rate by following up appraisals with a digital proposal, making it easier for clients to say ‘yes.’
  4. Take sales online and be flexible in adapting your approach to achieve the best results for your vendors.
  5. Embrace technology as an enabler of future growth and scalability in your business.

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