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14 Aug 2023

Why using private treaty offer platforms save real estate agents unbelievable amounts of time

Real estate agents are constantly juggling multiple tasks and deadlines, and any opportunity to save time can greatly benefit their productivity and efficiency.

One area where not enough agents are saving time is by taking private treaty offers through software. By leveraging a private treaty offer platform, real estate agents can streamline their processes, reduce paperwork, and save valuable hours.

Discover the advantages of digital private treaty solutions and how it puts you above the competition.

The need for digitisation in real estate

Real estate transactions involve extensive paperwork, and private treaty offers are no exception. Traditional methods of making offers often involve multiple steps, printing, signing, and emailing numerous documents. This manual process is not only time-consuming but also inconsistent for buyers across different listings, as agents tend to have different processes for taking offers.

Agents could spend countless hours triaging emails, text messages and PDFs from buyers and managing the administrative aspects of these offers, which often don’t end up being accepted by the vendor.

Realtair agents save 11 hours per listing vs agents who don’t use Realtair.

Advantages of a digital private treaty solution

In recent years, the real estate industry has been undergoing a digital transformation. Technological advancements have revolutionised various aspects of the industry, from how we search for property to how we market property. Yet many agents still choose complicated, multi-step offer processes that leave buyers frustrated and agents buried under increased admin.

By using private treaty offer software and getting offers made online on contract, agents can unlock significant time savings and improve their overall workflow.

Time savings

With just a few clicks, buyers can sign up online for Buy.realtair.com where they can review, edit, and send a private treaty offer for their desired property. In the backend, agents get all offers from registered buyers with full details, ready for review and can either defer, contact the buyer to negotiate, or send to their client. No more back-and-forth emails without commitment, and juggling your busy schedule around buyer availability to sign a Contract of Sale in person.

Improved accuracy while maintaining compliance

Manually handling private treaty offers can introduce errors and inconsistencies, potentially leading to legal and compliance issues. Missing signatures, incomplete documents, and misplaced files can create unnecessary headaches for real estate agents. Not to mention when correspondence is forgotten about and falls through the gap. However, by digitising the process, these risks can be reduced.

Digital platforms provide built-in checks and validation mechanisms, ensuring that all necessary information is captured accurately and that compliance requirements are met. This not only reduces the chances of errors but also provides a secure and auditable trail of all transactions, offering peace of mind to both agents and clients.

"Realtair gives agents a structured, fair and repeatable approach managing auctions or private treaty campaigns, making compliance bulletproof. It delivers equal opportunity for every buyer to purchase a property, helping agents bring deals to a head much quicker than they usually would. Buyers appreciate the transparency and ease of use. Ultimately, Realtair gives agents credibility."

Shane Slater
Co-Founder of Realtair / Property Partner at The Agency
Seamless collaboration and communication

Effective collaboration and communication are vital in the real estate industry. However, when dealing with physical documents, it can be challenging to keep all parties involved updated and on the same page. By taking your private treaty offers online through Realtair, your buyers can be kept in the loop, and all actions are recorded for future audits.

Agents can easily access and review private treaty offers, provide feedback to buyers, and defer offers to their clients in real time.


Environmental consciousness is an increasingly important consideration in all industries, including real estate. The excessive use of paper and printing in the traditional handling of private treaty offers has a significant impact on the environment. By embracing digital solutions, real estate agents can contribute to a more sustainable future.

Going paperless not only reduces waste but also minimises the carbon footprint associated with the production, transportation, and disposal of paper documents. By digitising private treaty offers, agents can proudly position themselves as eco-friendly professionals and promote their commitment to sustainability.

Competitive advantage

In a highly competitive industry, gaining a competitive edge is crucial for success. Embracing digital solutions and offering a streamlined and efficient process for private treaty offers can set real estate agents apart from their competitors.

Clients are increasingly seeking agents who leverage technology to provide a modern and convenient experience. By digitising private treaty offers agents can demonstrate their commitment to innovation, professionalism, and superior buyer service. This can significantly enhance their reputation and attract more clients, business opportunities and higher revenue potential.

Learn more about letting your buyers make an offer online

Leverage technology and embrace digital solutions to revolutionise your workflow. Attract more clients, and ultimately achieve greater success with a comprehensive digital private treaty solution.

The time to digitise private treaty offers is now, and agents who embrace this change will undoubtedly reap the benefits.

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