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🚀 Live Webinar: Learn how to prospect, list and sell with Realtair 🚀

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12 May 2023

The future of real estate: digital transformation and how agents should adapt

The real estate industry is experiencing a significant shift with the advent of digital transformation. Technology is revolutionising the way properties are bought, sold, and marketed.

There’s no doubt about it – the future of real estate is online.

As a real estate agent, adapting to this digital landscape is integral to remain competitive and meet evolving customer expectations.

Here’s a few of the benefits of embracing digital transformation and strategies for how  to thrive in this new era.


Understanding digital transformation in real estate

There are various factors driving this digital transformation.

Firstly, the widespread availability of technology and internet access has empowered consumers to conduct property searches online, making it imperative for agents to have a strong digital presence.

Additionally, buyers now expect more convenience, transparency, and personalised experiences throughout their real estate journey.

To meet these expectations and stay competitive, agents must adapt to the changing environment and leverage digital tools and platforms.


Strategies for agents to thrive in the digital era

To thrive as a real estate agent in the digital era, you must adopt digital strategies – and embracing technology and automation is crucial.

As an agent, you can:

  1. Leverage customer relationship management (CRM) software, transaction management tools, and digital signature platforms to streamline your operations. Combining all of these technologies and more into an end-to-end platform, like Realtair, let’s you achieve more business with less wasted time.
  2. Build an online presence and leverage social media platforms, to allow you to showcase listings, engage with potential clients, and build brand awareness.
  3. Enhance your communication and collaboration with clients through digital channels, such as video calls and instant messaging, creates a seamless experience.

And don’t forget investing in professional development to stay updated with industry trends and acquire new digital skills.


The future of residential real estate

Evolving customer expectations call for personalised experiences, where agents can leverage data and technology to provide tailored recommendations and anticipate client needs.

Integration of various technologies offers new possibilities in terms of property management, payments, marketing, data analytics and security.

Furthermore, sustainability and reducing paper waste are gaining popularity, with an increasing focus on environmentally conscious practices in the real estate industry.


Benefits of adopting digital transformation

Adopting digital transformation offers numerous benefits for real estate agents.

  • It increases efficiency and productivity by automating routine tasks, such as paperwork and scheduling. This means you can streamline your workflow and focus more on providing personalised services to clients.
  • Digital transformation enhances the customer experience by providing seamless interactions, real-time information, and transparency. This increased engagement fosters trust and strengthens client-agent relationships.
  • Digital platforms expand you reach and marketing opportunities. With the power of social media, online listings, and targeted advertising, agents can connect with a broader audience and generate more leads.


The digital transformation of the real estate industry is an inevitable and exciting journey. Get a head start on your competition and position yourself for future success.

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