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27 Apr 2022

Productivity tips for real estate agents

There are some people who just seem to get things done when they need to, and others who are constantly distracted and can’t focus. So how do these people get more done?

Professional speaker Matt Church believes that there are two types of people – dedicated and continuous – who approach and complete tasks in different ways and methods. The dedicated people can sit down at a certain time and do what needs to be done. On the other hand, continuous people are just as productive but tend to go about getting things done in a more creative and chaotic way.



Matt’s productivity tips for real estate agents who are ‘continuous’


Implement a system for capturing information

Highly disciplined individuals dedicate time to writing down their ideas as they happen and then input them into a system to implement later, whereas continuous individuals make notes on a scrap of paper and then can’t find the paper when they need to implement the idea. For real estate agents who classify themselves as continuous individuals, Matt advises taking full advantage of your phone to improve your note-taking process: “Use an iPhone application called JotNot to photograph the notes and send them to an assistant to process.”  


Organisation is key

Another challenge for agents classified as continuous is their ability to be easily distracted. Matt recommends combating this challenge by using productivity blitzes and organising days into a single block. “What this means for me is if I’m doing webinars or doing phone calls, that’s my ‘block’ of time to do that one thing. So, I don’t do a face-to-face meeting while I’m doing phone calls.”


Done is better than perfect

Don’t let perfection be a form of procrastination. You will never end up finishing the task. Matt says “I really believe in 100% out there, 80% right. Have a go, just get it done.” It is better to complete a task than keep working on it indefinitely. Equally, it is important to have the discipline to focus on the most important tasks ahead, instead of constantly coming up with great new ideas.


“The discipline that I’ve developed is to focus on just five wildly important projects and goals,” Matt advises.


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