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14 Aug 2023

Discover the power of real estate Hybrid Auctions

Traditional methods of buying and selling properties have evolved significantly, and one of the latest trends making waves in the industry is the concept of real estate Hybrid Auctions. Discover this powerful new approach to property transactions, its benefits, what’s involved, and why it has become a game-changer for agents, buyers and sellers.

Combining the advantages of both traditional auctions and online sales, real estate Hybrid Auction platforms offer a unique approach that brings together the best of both worlds. They create a sense of urgency and competition, while still providing buyers with the flexibility and time to conduct thorough due diligence, like in private treaty sales.

How real estate Hybrid Auctions work

Hybrid Auctions blend the elements of traditional auctions and online bidding to provide agents and vendors with benefits they wouldn’t get when choosing between one or the other.

1. Pre-auction stage: marketing and property inspections

Before the auction date, the property is extensively marketed to generate interest among potential buyers. If agents are using a platform like Realtair, they can share a QR code that takes potential buyers to their property campaign on buy.realtair.com to view the listing details, register to bid, follow or make an offer. Online listings, social media campaigns, and local advertisements, open for inspections are where using the QR code to prompt buyers to take action works well.

2. Registration and bidding process

Interested buyers must register their details to participate in the Hybrid Auction. This process ensures that all participants are genuine and qualified. Buyers can access contracts, reports, and any other property information the agent has made available according to that state’s requirements.

3. Reserve price and auction day

Similar to traditional auctions, a reserve price is set prior to auction day. On the auction day, the auctioneer has complete control over bid increments, acceptance of bids, and declaring the property on the market according to the reserve price. If using a platform such as Realtair to run a Hybrid Auction, buyer numbers and bids made by both in-person buyers and online bidders are clearly displayed for the auctioneer to manage during the heat of the action easily.

4. Collecting the deposit

If using Realtair to run a Hybrid Auction, the agent will be able to collect the 10% deposit from the successful buyer straight away through the platform, whether in-person or remotely. By requesting deposits through Realtair, agents can avoid the chance of falling victim to common phishing tactics that target emails to intercept the deposit, and allow buyers to input their details directly through a secure portal.

Benefits of real estate Hybrid Auctions

Hybrid online and in-person auctions offer a wide array of benefits that make them an attractive choice for both buyers and sellers. Let’s explore some of the key advantages that have contributed to the rising popularity of this innovative approach.

The transparency of auctions with the fairness of online bidding

Hybrid Auctions foster transparency and fairness as all buyers have equal opportunities to bid, regardless of whether they can make it to the auction location or not. Allowing remote bidding means that buyers who are overseas, unable to travel, or don’t want to bid in person.

Competitive environment

Hybrid Auctions generate more competition than a traditional on-site or in-room auction due to allowing buyers to bid online, broadening the buyer pool, and often driving up bidding. When limiting your listings to only online, or only in-person bidders, agents are not giving their clients the best chance of increased competition that will help them sell on auction day unconditionally, and avoid being passed in.

Reduce staffing for auction day

Using online and Hybrid Auctions to sell your next listing means that bidder registration can be done before auction day, or easily on the day, through Realtair and your iPad. The ability to manage a live auction with just an agent and auctioneer, no additional support or admin staff, is only possible with technology that handles the paperwork and streamlines after-sale processes for you.

"I am absolutely converted to the Realtair online auction format following three very successful auctions. The registration and following features are easy for buyers to use, and the system allows our business to conduct auctions with professional auctioneers at a time that suits us and our vendors."

Rob Southwell
Principal, Southwell Land & Water

FAQs on Hybrid Auctions

Are Hybrid Auctions suitable for all types of properties?

Yes, Hybrid Auctions are suitable for a wide range of properties, including residential homes, commercial buildings, and vacant land. The versatility of this approach ensures that agents can leverage the benefits of Hybrid Auctions regardless of the property type.

What happens if the auction does not meet the reserve price?

If the auction fails to meet the seller’s reserve price, the property can transition to a private treaty sale. Like traditional auctions, when the property is passed in, the highest bidder from the Hybrid Auction is allowed to negotiate with the seller on specific terms until an agreement is reached.

Do Hybrid Auctions favour the seller or the buyer?

Hybrid Auctions create a balanced playing field for both buyers and sellers. While sellers benefit from the competitive environment and increased exposure, buyers have the advantage of being able to participate on their terms, whether they like being part of the action in person or avoiding the pressure from an audience by bidding online.

Are Hybrid Auctions the future of real estate sales?

Yes, due to the many benefits of Hybrid Auctions, they are here to stay. They help agents get the best price for the seller, buyers appreciate the transparency, and it improves overall efficiencies for everyone.

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The power of Hybrid Auctions lies in its ability to create a competitive environment while allowing buyers to conduct thorough due diligence.

As the real estate industry continues to evolve, Hybrid Auctions have cemented their place as a game-changing method that empowers all stakeholders of the property transaction.

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