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10 Jun 2022

The future of real estate sales: why Hybrid Auctions are here to stay

Do you love the energy of an in-person auction, but crave the flexibility of selling online? A Hybrid Auction might be the answer. Hybrid Auctions combine the best elements of both on-site auctions and online ones, allowing anyone to participate from anywhere. In uncertain times, access is everything.

Here are five reasons why Hybrid Auctions are here to stay. 


1) Get the best price, no matter where your buyer is

By live-streaming the auction, physical location is no longer a barrier to bidding. Your buyers can be right in front of you – or a million miles away. This can drastically expand your buyer pool. 

“There’s really no excuse for buyers not to bid,” explains Realtair’s Sales Manager, Jake Mackenzie. “If you’re running an auction, it should definitely be hybrid. I don’t know why an agent wouldn’t want to allow somebody to potentially bid on a property if they can’t get there.”


2) Expose potential leads with ease

Running a Hybrid Auction through Realtair allows you to expose leads through your auction follower list, expanding your listing opportunities with no extra work. Ben Mitchell, auctioneer and Head of Strategic Sales here at Realtair, describes an auction scenario with four registered bidders but 150 watching in the crowd:

“With a traditional onsite auction, the only reference I have is that it's a bloody big crowd. There's no other way of capturing data. But with Realtair you get a name, a phone number and an email address. Now you can reach out to them and say, ‘Hey, that was a good result at Smith Street. What'd you think?’ And start the conversation.”

Headshot_Ben Mitchell
Ben Mitchell
Auctioneer and Head of Strategic Sales, Realtair


3) Have greater peace of mind

Buyers control their own bids, letting you engage with them effortlessly online and on the lawn at the same time. 

“What can happen with a phone bidder is of course a communication breakdown,” explains Jake Mackenzie. “There are some great examples of that happening where the buyer is saying one thing, the agent is saying another, and the auctioneer is saying something else. Hybrid Auctions put the onus back in the buyer’s hands, removing the risk for the agent.”

Hybrid Auctions allow your team to focus on selling – not managing the phone.


4) Future proof your business

Not only do Hybrid Auctions increase the exposure for both you and your vendor, offering Hybrid Auctions ensures you’re ready to sell no matter what happens. As market sentiment continues to shift, agents who are able to adapt quickly and confidently are the ones who will come out ahead.


5) Manage the sales process with ease

We give you the tools you need to respond to the market quickly. Running a Hybrid Auction through Realtair is easy – we keep track of all the lead-up and bids for you. Once the hammer drops, you can generate a contract and secure the deposit immediately, ensuring the process is quick and easy for all involved.

There’s no doubt about it: Hybrid Auctions are here to stay. And why wouldn’t they? A Hybrid Auction can help you get the best price for your vendor, while also increasing your leads and helping with compliance. And with Realtair, managing a Hybrid Auction is simple.

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