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18 Jul 2022

Product Update: it’s even easier to Sign with Realtair

We’ve made a number of improvements to Realtair Sign to make your experience even better. Here’s what we’re updating.


Improved document workflow across Contract and SignAnything
  • Upload multiple files or attachments to a contract and agreement with less clicks
    You can now select multiple files to be uploaded and bundled into your documents. This allows a more efficient workflow and reduces steps for all Contract and SignAnything users.
  • Delete pages of a document uploaded in SignAnything
    You can now customise your documents in SignAnything. Easily delete pages, right away before signing.
  • Control the order that signers receive and sign their documents
    You can now set the sequence in which signers will be asked to sign documents in SignAnything and contracts.


New functionality available in QLD, SA and WA
  • Duplicate contracts to more efficiently manage multiple offers
    Sending out multiple offers is now easier with the ability to duplicate a generated contract with the generic information carried over.
  • ‘Fill-In’ now available
    Are you constantly chasing your vendors for the information needed to complete your Form 6 or Sales Agency Agreements? Realtair Sign now includes the ability to send part of your Agency Agreement to your vendor to fill in before signing. When your document is ready to be sent to your client, ‘Fill-In’ now appears as an option for a vendor when you choose to have the document sent and signed remotely.


When can I use these updates?

These updates are available to all Realtair Sign users or Realtair subscribers now. To start using this feature, visit our Knowledge Base for step by step instructions.


Coming soon

We’re making improvements across Realtair all the time. Here’s what’s coming soon:

  • Special Conditions for QLD users: Agencies in QLD will soon be able to create and manage a library of their most used contract terms and special conditions, further streamlining the contract creation process in the Realtair Platform.
  • Signing Order: Signing Order controls will be extended throughout the Sign experience, particularly important for QLD, SA and WA users. This will ensure agents can send a contract to a buyer to execute, before reaches the vendor for signing.
For more information, contact support and we will be happy to assist you.
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