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    REI QuiContracts

    REI QuiContract is an easy-to-use forms provider that enables sale contracts to be ordered and delivered quickly and securely. For NSW real estate professionals, REI QuiContract is an initiative from the Real Estate Institute of NSW (REINSW) and has been created for the benefit of sellers, agents, and their lawyers/conveyancers.

    Realtair integrates with REI QuiContract to provide our NSW Sign users with a secure forms provider that pushes and pulls data between our platform and the form-provider system. Sign users have the ability to order documentation through our digital platform by using REI QuiContract.

    Are you a NSW Realtair user that would like to activate REI QuiContract into your account? It’s free to turn on in your Realtair account, and we can assist you with set up! Simply contact us at support@realtair.com to find out more.