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    Printforce is a customised printing and marketing service for real estate professionals looking to market client properties, agencies, and salespeople through property and office marketing. Printforce offers products such as an array of print media, signboards, brochures, photography, and digital media.

    Realtair integrates with Printforce to improve the customer experience by offering marketing solutions to sellers and buyers through print media and print solutions that can assist in the sale of their property. This integration allows for agents to provide options for the seller to choose which marketing material they would like straight through the Realtair platform, and can be showcased in one presentation for the seller to peruse and accept.

    Are you a Realtair user that would like to activate Printforce in your account? It’s free to turn on in your Realtair account, and we can assist you with set up! Simply contact us at support@realtair.com to find out more.