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    Online Auctions the Solution as Coronavirus Concerns Spread

    March 22, 2021

    Sydney, 10 March 2020  Leading online auction platform AuctionNow offers an immediate solution to the coronavirus challenges potentially facing the real estate industry.

    Agents are not immune from the detrimental impacts of COVID-19, with one of the first steps instituted in other countries being a restriction on large gatherings. Besides affecting open home inspections, the most obvious and immediate obstacle will be the inability to conduct auctions on-premise.

    “I imagine proactive agents have been planning how to address any issues that arise, but the good news is that AuctionNow’s technology can resolve the problem at the click of a button,” commented Realtair CEO, Peter Matthews. “Many purchasers might be hesitant to attend auctions in the current atmosphere of uncertainty and they don’t have to. Agents can run an online auction right now or they can conduct a live auction with buyers anywhere in the world in real time,” he added.

    In this unprecedented situation, real estate businesses need to protect their bottom line while meeting the needs of both vendors and purchasers.

    “AuctionNow can be an instant, secure and stress free solution for agents, buyers and auctioneers,” noted AuctionNow Founder, Damien Cooley. “These are not the circumstances we based the development of our product on, but we are confident that our digital solutions will assist our industry to overcome this current adversity.”

    With step by step video tutorials for buyers, agents and auctioneers, AuctionNow users can register in a matter of minutes. 

    In February AuctionNow merged with Australian PropTech innovator Realtair, becoming part of its ecosystem of real estate technology solutions.