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    Our ability to integrate with our clients’ incumbent software systems is one of our greatest strengths. As Middleware, Realtair has the ability to push and pull data from other technology systems, such as a CRM or a design program. Collaborating with others and streamlining processes is what we do, and our goal is to provide solutions for our clients that make their life easier and more efficient. We are proud to partner with these companies for the best result for you.

    • PropTrack

      PropTrack by realestate.com.au provides agents with market insights, effective market intelligence, automated and accurate valuations, and comprehensive data solutions.

    • CampaignAgent

      CampaignAgent is a vendor-financing platform that allows financial freedom in investing in property marketing to achieve exceptional results for the sale of a property.

    • Printforce

      Printforce is a customised printing and marketing service for real estate professionals looking to market client properties, agencies, and salespeople through property and office marketing.

    • Diakrit

      Diakrit is an innovative marketing solutions provider for the real estate industry.

    • Before You Bid

      Before You Bid is a property report company that provides the real estate industry with property and inspection reports for accessibility to residential home buyers and sellers.

    • Pricefinder

      Pricefinder property reports provide a comprehensive snapshot of specific addresses and property data as a whole.

    • CoreLogic

      CoreLogic offers innovative intelligence in the property industry, including property insights and foresight that are powered by accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date data.

    • Campaigntrack

      Campaigntrack provides the real estate industry with a CRM and marketing platform that includes innovative technology to manage customer relationships, marketing, management of property marketing, and campaign management.

    • Agentbox

      Agentbox offers agencies complete cloud-based software solutions for Sales and Property Management.

    • ReNet

      ReNet is a CRM platform that allows real estate agents to complete essential tasks on the road and out and about.

    • Rex

      Rex is a powerful and easy-to-use cloud and mobile real estate software solution built for real estate agencies big and small.

    • MyDesktop

      MyDesktop allows for contact management, CRM services, and contact and property detail collection.

    • c21 eSales

      For Century 21 offices, eSales is an advanced management system that allows for records, access, and analysis of valuable information about their business.

    • Box+Dice

      Box+Dice is a cloud-based CRM platform for the Australian real estate industry.

    • VaultRE

      VaultRE is a specifically developed CRM system, offering technology solutions for both the sales and property management.

    • REI Forms Live

      REI Forms Live is a forms provider that services the real estate industry with compliant and easy-to-use forms.

    • REI QuiContracts

      REI QuiContract is an easy-to-use forms provider that enables sale contracts to be ordered and delivered quickly and securely.

    • REIV Vic Forms

      REIV Vic Forms is a forms provider that services the Victorian real estate industry.

    • ADL Software

      ADL Software is an Australian software development company which provides legal contracts and forms to the real estate industry.

    • Estate Agents Co-operative

      Estate Agents Co-operative is a forms service that provides simple to use forms and agency documentation that caters to real estate agents.

    • Stripe

      Stripe is a fully integrated suite of payment products acting as a secure payment gateway for websites and applications.

    • ListReady

      ListReady is a vendor-financing pay later solution that covers listing costs for upfront marketing, staging, home improvements, and repairs.

    • SaleFunder

      SaleFunder is a vendor-financing pay later solution that provides access to funds to renovate, market, and improve a property for sale.

    Meet our


    Our clients inspire everything that we do.

    We are proud to be working alongside and collaborating with some of the industry’s best real estate brands. Our drive for ongoing innovation stems from our goal to continually add value to agents, their businesses and their clients.