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    Diakrit is an innovative marketing solutions provider for the real estate industry. Diakrit provides real estate professionals, homeowners, and buyers cloud-based visualisation tools that deliver new experiences and promote properties through photography, video, 2D and 3D marketing tools, and interactive floor plans that allow buyers and sellers digital move-in insights.

    Realtair integrates with Diakrit across our digital solutions to provide a greater customer experience for sellers and buyers. Our Realtair users can offer these marketing products to a vendor in the prospecting and signing stage to give them the opportunity to better sell their properties. This integration allows for agents to order marketing products right through the platform.

    Are you a Realtair user that would like to activate Diakrit in your account? It’s free to turn on in your Realtair account, and we can assist you with set up! Simply contact us at support@realtair.com to find out more.