Take Ten to Combat Pitch Paralysis 

It has been widely reported that residential property sale stock levels in Sydney and Melbourne are 30% lower than at the market’s peak. Agents are only too aware of this statistic and need to find better ways to cut through to potential clients to ensure they continue to grow their market share. 

Technology, if used smartly, can be the key to maintaining efficient client contact. Certainly not a replacement for the face to face or phone to phone interactions that are fundamental to success in real estate, but used correctly technology can help you to effectively add value for your clients.

A product like Pitch, while predominantly thought of as an appraisal tool, can be used as a soft touch to connect with clients on a regular basis and empower them with useful information.

Thinking outside the square, Pitch is a great tool to instantly create and send professional market updates from any device. In a few minutes you can write a personalised market update for that client’s property, click on recent comparable sales and email it to your clients to read at their leisure. Commit to sending 10 updates a day to create a new habit, beat inertia and be on a roll.

Receiving the notification that a market update has been opened will definitely provide inspiration to send more updates.

Step two is to get on the phone and follow up with clients who have opened updates as you know they responded to the data provided. Another strategy to maximise the capabilities of Pitch is to offer market updates when completing call backs after open homes.

Use the record in the Pitch library to refer to, keep you on track and send regular updates using this solution.

Stick to the knitting, use the quiet times to your advantage and you will reap the rewards in the long run. Proactive, not paralysed.