CASE STUDY: Max Wagschall, Property Partner, The Agency

A high performing agent on Sydney’s Lower North Shore, Max has over a decade’s worth of experience in the industry. He prides himself on providing a personalised client experience and exceptional customer service. In early 2017 after his PA resigned, Max considered that there might be a different way to do things and trialled Realtair. He found it transformed his ability to cover daily tasks with ease and efficiency. We spoke to him about his experience with the system.

How have Realtair Sign and Flow helped with your business?

Sign and Flow have helped my business dramatically. It’s like having an in-house resource at a fraction of the cost. Sign allows for an extremely quick turn around, it also enables the client to easily execute the agreement without any need for a paper trail. Flow provides visibility on my pending tasks along with an online library for compliance in the future.

Have these Realtair tools become an integral part of your daily routine?

Yes, Realtair has provided consistency and efficiency to my business. In a world where we are time poor, Realtair solves a lot of problems moving forward.

Can you think of an example where Sign has been essential to getting a listing signed up?

I recent had a property I was appointed to sell where the three owners were all in different countries. On top of that, one owner didn’t have access to a printer or scanner. With Sign, I was able to get them all to sign remotely on their mobiles and computers. As a result, I had the marketing campaign up and running within 12 hours of listing. Without Sign, it would have taken a week or two just to get the documentation back.

Could you go back to life before Flow?

It would be hard to imagine life without Flow. The need for me to think about the office compliance and processes would be a real distraction from what is really dollar productive.

What would you say to agents thinking about using Realtair solutions?

There’s nothing to think about. Anyone who wants to create efficiency within their business needs Sign, Pitch and Flow. From my experience, many agents spend too much time on jobs that do not provide a return. Eliminating tasks that are not dollar productive is essential to the sustainability and longevity of any agent.