PART 1: How agents can look to technology to adapt and evolve

Technology is a hot topic at the moment and the real estate industry is no exception.

Agents face financial, regulatory and customer service pressure in a marketplace that is changing and as a result, agents must look to technology to adapt and evolve.

To compete, agents need to work remotely, minimise time spent on time consuming, low value tasks and communicate with both vendors and buyers faster than before.

A proposal is one of your first opportunities to make a lasting impression on your client. A proposal that is bespoke to your brand and designed so your clients can interact with it has the potential to win listings. The best agents produce not only offline printed proposals, but increasingly online proposals that are mobile and desktop friendly too.

Traditionally, agents follow the same process to create a proposal. They use a time consuming templated word or publisher doc and generated CMA that can take hours to create. And, often their proposals don’t stand out in a crowded marketplace.

To stay ahead of the competition, look for an online solution that will allow you to pitch with confidence faster than anyone else. Solutions that can create both online and offline/printed versions are state of the art and should be at the top of your shopping list. But why stop there? The best platforms do much more than just create pitch and prelist submissions, they will actually make and save you money.

Data being key nowadays, a solution with tightly integrated tools and processes you already use means you don’t need to work across multiple software programs to access content. CRM integration reduces the number of times an agent needs to key in important client information while integration with sales data sources do the research for you by suggesting comparable sales without leaving the system.

In addition, make sure that your solution works across all devices, that’s desktop, tablet and mobile. Be sure to consider both digital and print options as each format needs to be treated differently. A fully responsive template will look great on any device.

Another advantage of the digital proposal is the ability to track and analyse how your proposal is browsed. Real time notifications alert you when your document is first viewed, see how many times it was viewed and what sections they actually cared about.

And because you’re online, all your proposals are organised in one system. Imagine doing a prelist of proposal in just a few minutes from your phone… that future is actually here today.

With Pitch Powered by Realtair you can instantly create customised pre-lists and proposals anywhere, anytime. Contact us today for a demo of our end to end real estate technology solutions.