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🚀Come and see us live at AREC on the 26 – 27th May 🚀

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19 Apr 2022

10 benefits of Realtair Sell you don’t want to miss out on

The real estate industry is always buzzing with excitement, and 10 exciting features within Realtair Sell are too good to be kept a secret.


Benefit #1: A complete end-to-end real estate listing and purchasing experience

In real estate, we have to attract, engage, commit — that will never change. By leveraging the Realtair Sell, it’s time to go to the grand final.

When you use Realtair Sell, your campaign will go live on the Realtair website where buyers can:

  1. Buy a house
  2. Bid at auctions
  3. Make offers online

When a buyer is successful in their offer on a property, Realtair Sell allows agents to easily start a contract exchange process or request a deposit — all in one place.

Buyers who bid or make offers on Realtair should be verified by the agent that they’re a legitimate purchaser. No matter where they are in the world, anyone can be a successful at a Realtair auction.


Benefit #2: All methods of sale at your disposal

You’re in good company, whether you’re running a campaign that is a:

Our customers have discovered in the last 18 months that real estate buyers love all forms of sales when it comes to buying property online.

When it comes to auctions, be it on the front lawn of a property, or through a live stream, Hybrid Auctions allow more bidders to participate — a plus for buyers and vendors.

Consumers also love a Timed Sale or a Timed Auction, because it gives them a chance to breathe. On Monday, they may make an offer, and then on Tuesday, they say, “That’s it, way too much. We won’t go any further.” By Thursday, they may have changed their stance and increased their offer by $30,000. The transparency of Timed Auctions means that buyers can see exactly what the last highest bid was, and there are no mind games between them and the agent.

Running an online auction for your vendor soon?

Try Realtair Sell to take advantage of selling by Hybrid Auction

What's a Hybrid Auction? About Realtair Sell

Benefit #3: Use a QR code to promote your listing campaign (and find future listings)

QR code accessibility transforms an agent’s ability to find engaged, motivated buyers and sellers. The moment people scan the code, they are in your scope. If they are a surrounding seller, they can see the property, follow it and find out what it went for. You sell yourself through the process. If they want to buy it, they can register to bid or put an offer in before the auction.

Using Realtair’s QR code on your paper-based, digital marketing and signboards to market your vendor’s property have never been easier. Interested potential buyers can scan and view information on the property, then put an offer in on the Realtair website or find out how to participate in the auction.


Benefit #4: Open and transparent negotiations

Using Realtair brings the exchange of contracts and deposits together into one process. Vendors love the transparency of using Realtair. When an offer comes in, every party involved in the sale is automatically notified. Anxiety lessens and is replaced with trust and harmony between the vendors, buyers and agents.

Purchasers may miss out on securing a property, but they are confident with the process. They know what was involved and had the option to continue offering or bidding, chose not to. There’s no risk of feeling manipulated or lied to.

It’s very hard to get the greatest result when someone doesn’t believe what you’re saying – and Realtair Sell helps promote trust in what we do.


Benefit #5: Keep everyone in the loop during negotiations

With Realtair Sell everyone is notified – buyers, agents and vendors. This is powerful. If someone overseas makes an offer at 4 AM, everyone is immediately notified. When you wake up, there’s no need to spend those first hours of the morning on the phone – Realtair does it all for you.


Benefit #6: Exchange contracts digitally, right after selling

You only have to enter information once. Buyers register on Realtair to buy, and because you already have the vendor’s details, that information is then populated into the contract and other documents automatically. No more filling in Contracts of Sale by hand, or switching to different software to collect signatures; Realtair Sell works with Realtair Sign to do it all.

We have up to date contracts for Australian states, ensuring your contracts stay compliant (and lessen the risk of error).

“Only around 6% of our clients had difficulty signing digitally; the strike rate has been really good. Our clients are more than happy to use technology for signing contracts and selling their property.”

Alex Banning_Headshot
Alex Banning
Director, Raine & Horne Lower North Shore

Benefit #7: Secure deposits directly into your trust account

Realtair now allows you to request deposits from the successful buyer without leaving the platform. In the past, deposits were a challenge. Often the purchaser didn’t think about how they would pay, or how they could get a large amount of money with bank withdrawal limits in play.

Now the process is digital. Simply send them the link generated by Realtair, and they can authorise the deposit themselves by putting in their BSB and account number. That information populates all the relevant fields in Realtair and funds can be transferred into the agent’s trust account. No more confusion, delays or need to decipher bad handwriting.


Benefit #8: Automated sales advice and transactional emails

With pre-built templates that you can customise, Realtair allows you to view and approve correspondence to solicitors and vendors. They’ll be kept up to date on what has happened, exchanged and transacted. There is no need for manual entry and pressure is off the administration team. 


Benefit #9: Compliance is built-in

In Realtair, every action during a property’s lifecycle is tracked – from prospecting to deposit. Realtair keeps a compliance log without the additional work. 

In Realtair Sell, you can see:

  • All the followers
  • All the bidders
  • How many bids were made
  • How many offers were made 
  • When the offer was accepted
  • The correspondence that went out to the vendor 
  • The correspondence that went out to the successful purchaser 

This means you can go back in time, especially two years later when someone says, “I want to investigate.”

Realtair also gives you access to a live, self-registered list of purchasers, so you can easily connect with them. Agents can warm buyers up during the campaign through email updates, reminders to register, send additional photography, and documents – helping you stay proactive and create urgency around the property.


Benefit #10: A future listing stream

The best-kept secret about Realtair Sell is how it can boost your future listing pipeline.

When you use Realtair Sell, high-intent interest from active buyers and vendors are captured when they self-register as followers. Since vendors start to observe current properties on the market when they are thinking of selling, capturing their interest automatically is a great way to find that next listing. Every campaign is an opportunity to make connections with potential vendor and buyer prospects in that area – Realtair helps you start that relationship.

Michael Dowling from McGrath Ryde, a top Realtair user, says, “I had a property going to auction with 65 followers. Out of those followers, I’ve already done appraisals and price updates. And I’ll be sending them a text message saying only one person can buy the house you’re following today. The next person I have may need to buy yours.”

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