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16 Feb 2023

Lee Woodward to focus on agent education

Lee Woodward, leading real estate trainer and passionate advocate of the digital agent, has announced his return to what he does best – empowering agents and agencies through education on leadership, sales, and utilising technology to enhance efficiency.

“After lockdowns, people are craving being together. They want to learn how to be great salespeople, together. And that’s what I do best. I teach agents how to be sales masters,” says Lee. He emphasises the importance of teaching sales professionals the traditional sales skills, words, presentation skills, systems, prospecting programs, and listing systems necessary for success.

Lee and his team will also be hitting the road to share their salesperson selling system, ‘The Complete Salesperson Course,’ in live events across the country, starting on 19-20 April at the Crowne Plaza in the Hunter Valley. The course has been honed over 25 years and is considered a dynamic and essential part of the real estate sales industry.

In addition to live events, Lee is also releasing an audiobook of ‘The Complete Salesperson Course,’ a must-listen book he promises will be a “cracker.”

Lee and his team’s commitment to Realtair and the innovation it brings to the industry remains unwavering. “We love Realtair so much, we bought into it,” says Lee. “We absolutely love working with the team and will continue to do so in an alternate capacity and remain committed to assisting in the creation and sharing of Realtair’s game-changing products.”

About Lee Woodward Training Systems

With over 30 years of experience and six books under his belt, Lee is a seasoned expert in the real estate industry. He provides boutique training services, delivering top-notch keynote presentations and on-demand courses. Specialising in real estate sales, property management, leadership, technology training, and company implementation, Lee’s expertise in audio, video, content creation, and visual presentation design is unmatched.