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13 Oct 2022

How to tell if your remote job offer from Realtair is legitimate

We’ve received a number of reports of job hunters being contacted by someone fraudulently claiming to be a Realtair hiring manager, with the intent of stealing money or sensitive personal information.

If this has happened to you, please report the incident to your local authorities as soon as possible – and if you’re in Australia, please also report it to ScamWatch.

Usually there are a few signs you can look out for while looking for a job to keep yourself safe from scams. Here’s how you can ensure your offer from Realtair is legitimate. 


Always check the emails are authentic

We may be a remote team, but that doesn’t mean we’re not professional. All correspondence from us should come from a Realtair.com email address. In particular, check that no letters have been substituted with numbers and characters, and that the address ends with a dot com, rather than a dot net or org.

There are a few excuses scammers may use as to why they’re using a personal address, including the company servers being down or that the business is too new to have email set up. 

We will always use a realtair.com email address when contacting you.


We will never ask for money before you start

If you’ve been asked to supply money in any form before you start, it’s not us. 

The scam works like this: the fraudulent ‘employer’ asks for an upfront payment to cover training, equipment or software required to do your job. 

We will never ask you for money before you start your job – in fact, we won’t ask you for money after you’ve started your job either! We pay you, not the other way around! Speaking of which…


We will never send money before you start

One common remote work scam is for the ‘employer’ to send you a cheque for an amount way more than they owe you. The scammer will then ask you to refund the difference. After you send money their way, the original cheque will bounce if you try to cash it.

Your first pay will always be made after you start with Realtair, not before.


Be weary of equipment scams

We will never, ever ask you to purchase technology from an ‘authorised provider’ prior to starting with us.

Scammers have been known to send through ‘supplier’ links to purchase work equipment from, which in reality are actually fraudulent sites designed to steal your information. Be weary of any and all links sent to you online.

If you need equipment in your role, it will always be at your discretion where to purchase it. 


Please be vigilant and look out for these telltale signs that an offer is fake. If you think you’ve been affected, please report to your local authorities as soon as possible. While remote work scams are rare, they do happen and we want to ensure everyone has the tools to keep themselves safe.