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10 Jun 2024

Harcourts announces strategic alliance to advance real estate technology with Realtair



As a pioneering force in real estate technology, Harcourts announces a transformational partnership to empower Harcourts agents with a comprehensive suite of digital tools. By integrating cutting-edge technology into every aspect of the agent experience, this collaboration between Harcourts and Realtair will redefine the real estate landscape.


Harcourts introduces a suite of digital solutions designed to enhance efficiency and productivity for agents in today’s dynamic market. From prospecting to conducting digital presentations, supporting compliant document signing to managing the entire sales process, hosting online and Hybrid Auctions, and securely handling deposit receipts, these tools represent a significant leap forward in agent capabilities.


“At Harcourts, we recognise the paramount importance of technology in empowering our agents and driving success in the real estate industry,” commented Adrain Knowles CEO at Harcourts Australia  “Through this strategic alliance, we aim to position Harcourts Group as a frontrunner in real estate technology, providing our agents with the tools they need to excel in a competitive market.”


“We are committed to fostering a culture of innovation and excellence within Harcourts,” said Adrian Knowles at Harcourts Group. “This collaboration with Realtair represents a significant step forward in our journey to provide our agents and Principals with best-in-class technology solutions.”


Pete Matthews, CEO of Realtair, shared, “We’re excited to join forces with Harcourts, a global powerhouse known for their dedication to excellence.” Together, we’ll build a partnership that is sustainable and beneficial for both sides but also pushes the envelope in innovation, making the real estate journey better for agents and clients alike.


About Realtair

Realtair is a leading end-to-end digital platform designed by real estate professionals. It enables agents to access data, appraise, list, and sell properties more efficiently and cost-effectively from any device. Realtair’s proptech platform automates and streamlines the steps from appraisal to settlement to equip agents with mobile, easy to use technology.

About Harcourts 

Harcourts are leaders in Australian real estate – One of the fastest growing real estate brands across the country – forging national standards and delivering best practice in property services, with the expertise, integrity, and personalised outcomes our clients expect