🚀Come and see us live at AREC on the 26 – 27th May 🚀

🚀Come and see us live at AREC on the 26 – 27th May 🚀

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6 May 2024

Elders and Realtair join forces to redefine real estate excellence


May 2024 

Elders, an iconic name synonymous with real estate excellence, and Realtair, a pioneer in real estate technology solutions, have united in a strategic partnership to redefine the standards of service and innovation in the real estate industry. With a rich legacy spanning 185 years, Elders Real Estate stands as one of Australia’s most trusted brands, dedicated to turning dreams into reality for buyers and sellers alike.


Today, Elders operates a vast network of nearly 300 offices across capital cities, regional hubs, and rural landscapes nationwide. This expansive presence ensures that Elders can serve clients wherever they are, backed by a wealth of experience and expertise.


Through the partnership with Realtair, Elders is poised to elevate its service offerings to new heights. Realtair’s cutting-edge technology platform will empower Elders agents with advanced tools and insights to streamline operations, enhance client engagement, and drive greater success in the dynamic real estate market.


“We are proud to partner with Realtair to usher in a new era of excellence in real estate,” said Belinda Connor General Manager, Residential Real Estate & Brand At Elders. “At Elders, we understand the significance of realising our clients’ dreams, whether they’re buying or selling property. Through this partnership, we are committed to delivering unparalleled value and results that exceed expectations.”


“Realtair is thrilled to join forces with Elders, a true leader in the real estate landscape,” said Pete Matthews CEO at Realtair. “Together, we have an incredible opportunity to redefine what it means to deliver exceptional service and results in the real estate industry. Through this partnership, we will empower Elders agents with the tools they need to thrive and succeed in today’s competitive market.”


For more information about Elders and Realtair, please visit Elders’ Website and Realtair’s Website.


About Realtair

Realtair is a leading end-to-end digital platform designed by real estate professionals. It enables agents to access data, appraise, list, and sell properties more efficiently and cost-effectively from any device. Realtair’s proptech platform automates and streamlines the steps from appraisal to settlement to equip agents with mobile, easy to use technology.