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18 Aug 2023

Selling 100 listings a year: Taney Jain’s key to success with tech and people

In 2021, Taney Jain sold 100 listings through his grit, discipline, and commitment to customer service. Starting from humble beginnings as a door-to-door salesman when he first came to Australia to becoming REIA’s Residential Salesperson of the Year in 2022, his journey underscores the power of combining dedication and innovation.

“Back in 2014, when I started, we used to rely on doorknocking, cold calling or letterbox drops. People used to purchase telephone and internet packages through doorknockers,” Taney recalls.

“But restrictions came in and people didn’t like strangers coming to their house.”

Ambitious, hungry and learning from renowned real estate coach Tom Panos, he needed a way to scale his opportunities faster, without being stuck knocking on doors that opened less and less.


Using modern real estate lead generation strategies

When speaking to us, Taney reaffirmed that he is bullish on the role of technology in changing the real estate process – particularly when it came to prospecting for new listings.

The introduction of Realtair’s Price Updates to Taney’s prospecting flow has unlocked the limit on how fast and often his database prospecting to over 6,000 contacts can occur.

“I still do the basics, like cold calling and letterbox drops, but post-COVID we incorporated technology. We tested using tech to prospect and were amazed at how we can connect with people through their mobile phones instead of just using letterbox drops that got thrown in the bin,” says Taney.

He calls his Price Updates a ‘digital doorknock’.


Why using Realtair changed everything

Taney’s favourite part about using Realtair is how it helps strengthen connections with potential clients.

“I always say ‘prospecting is oxygen’. I would say that Realtair is like an oxygen cylinder,” adds Taney.

His market updates are usually sent every one or two months per client via SMS and include relevant comparable market data that keep potential leads engaged and informed. He estimates around 95% of his prospective vendors are opening and responding to the Price Updates he sends via text message.

“It gives you an edge. I’m sitting in my office, launching rockets into my farm area and staying proactive. It’s easy to jump in by searching an address, looking at your past buyers from Realestate.com.au and start sending them Price Updates,” concludes Taney.

"I always say ‘prospecting is oxygen’. Realtair is like an oxygen cylinder."

Headshot_Taney Jain
Taney Jain
Owner/Selling Principal, McGrath Estate Agents - Werribee

Realtair helps Taney to position himself as a trustworthy local expert and warm up his database in Agentbox before he follows up by phone once they open the link. The campaign dashboard also arms Taney with the ability to track his performance and uncover which of his activities were driving the most success.

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Using Realtair to activate a digital prospecting sequence

Every month Taney Jain and his team aim to send around 150 Price Updates to his database. Each client typically receives a Price Update every one or two months.

Like oxygen, Taney’s team treat prospecting like a necessity for survival in the competitive world of real estate.

In addition, before going to a listing presentation, he will:

  1. Send a Digital Introduction with comparable sales and a bit about the team
  2. Include an agenda on what will be discussed at the meeting
  3. Taney sends the Realtair link as a text message and includes any recent sales and current listings relevant to that property
  4. Taney is alerted by Realtair when the client opens the link and sends a follow-up text to say “Looking forward to seeing you.”

“They don’t know that I know they’ve seen the presentation, it feels like a coincidence. It gives you a bit of an advantage over the competition to send them that information before you’ve been there,” adds Taney.

At the listing presentation, Taney usually provides the appraisal price on the same day, instead of breaking the process into two parts.

To close the loop, he would then follow up later with a proposal after the meeting.


Taney’s winning mindset for success in the Western suburbs of Melbourne

The unique trait of the outer Western suburbs of Melbourne where Taney Jain operates – that’s Werribee, Hoppers Crossing, Manor Lakes and Wyndham Vale – is that they’re still very affordable while being accessible from the CBD.

When Taney first started 8 years ago, there wasn’t much public transport, but the area is now a growth corridor attracting young families.

Even though 95% of prospective vendors respond to Taney’s Price Updates, he affirms that it’s still important to guide them and make sure it’s the right time to sell their house.

“My clients are mums and dads, single mums with four kids – they have average incomes, worked hard to save up a deposit, and you have to treat them like people, not numbers. Sometimes the house is not perfectly clean before the buyers show up, so I have to close the door and make the bed.

“I say to my team, being a real estate agent starts with being ‘real’. It’s not like the Eastern suburbs. If agents want to be successful out here, it’s not about wearing slim-fit suits, no socks and showing off. You need a proactive mindset and to have empathy.”

"If agents want to be successful out here, it’s not about wearing slim-fit suits, no socks and showing off. You need a proactive mindset and to have empathy."

Headshot_Taney Jain
Taney Jain
Owner/Selling Principal, McGrath Estate Agents - Werribee

Recently departing from Reliance Real Estate to open up the new McGrath Werribee office as its principal, Taney is looking forward to taking his existing processes and amplifying what his team can offer now under the McGrath brand through more sophisticated systems, technology, and world-class marketing.

When asked about his thoughts on real estate beyond 2023, Taney thinks it’s going to be a big year ahead – and that technology has a big role to play.

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