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11 Jun 2024

How Max Wagschall ditched the old ways to scale his real estate business

The Agency’s Max Wagschall isn’t your average suit-and-tie kind of guy. He’s a tech-savvy trailblazer who’s not afraid to ditch the old ways of doing things and embrace the future of real estate. In a recent interview with Realtair, Max shared how he ditched outdated methods and embraced the future of real estate with the help of Realtair’s innovative platform.


Max Wagschall, The Agency Lower North Shore

1. Ditching the dinosaurs

“A lot of agents are very set in their ways,” Max says. “They’re stuck in the old-school mentality of printing contracts, driving around town to deliver documents, and relying on outdated methods.” Max, however, isn’t one of those agents. He’s always looking for ways to streamline his business and make things easier for himself and his clients. That’s where Realtair comes in.

“Realtair has completely transformed my workflow,” he says. “I don’t have to worry about printing contracts or missing documents anymore. I can exchange contracts on the run, and my clients can sign them digitally from anywhere in the world.” This allows Max to focus on what he does best: building relationships and closing deals.

2. Embracing the future

When it comes to real estate, time is money. Max understands this, and that’s why he’s always looking for ways to be more efficient. Realtair’s platform has allowed him to do just that.

“With Realtair, I can get things done so much faster,” Max says. “I can send out contracts, get them signed, and move on to the next thing without any delays. It’s a real game-changer.” This speed and efficiency have not only saved Max time but also helped him close deals faster and provide better service to his clients.

One of the key features of Realtair that Max loves is Realtair Sell (formerly AuctionNow). This innovative tool allows him to run auctions entirely from his laptop or iPad, removing the need for a team of assistants.

“I don’t need a team of assistants running around doing all the legwork,” he says. “I can do it all myself, which saves me time and money.” This streamlined approach to auctions has not only made Max’s life easier but also impressed his clients with its efficiency and professionalism.


Realtair Sign is an all-in-one digital document signing platform designed for real estate agents. Every document you need in one place. All signed.

“With Realtair, I can get things done so much faster. I can send out contracts, get them signed, and move on to the next thing without any delays. It's a real game-changer.”

0624 Max Wagschall
Max Wagschall
Property Partner, The Agency Lower North Shore

3. Speed, Security, and Simplicity

Realtair’s platform isn’t just about speed and efficiency; it’s also about security. With digital signatures and secure document storage, Max can rest assured that his clients’ information is safe and secure.

“Security is a top priority for me,” Max says. “I need to know that my clients’ data is protected, and Realtair gives me that peace of mind.” This focus on security has helped Max build trust with his clients and establish himself as a reliable and trustworthy agent.

4. Building lasting relationships

For Max, real estate isn’t just about buying and selling properties; it’s about building relationships and providing top-notch service to his clients. Realtair has allowed him to do just that.

“Realtair has made the whole process so much easier, simpler, and more transparent,” he says. “It’s given me more time to focus on building relationships with my clients and providing them with the best possible service.” This client-centric approach has been a key factor in Max’s success, and Realtair has played a crucial role in enabling him to deliver on his promise of exceptional service.

Max’s Advice

Max’s advice for other agents who are still stuck in the past? “Embrace the future,” he says. “Don’t be afraid to try new things and experiment with new technologies. The real estate industry is changing rapidly, and if you don’t keep up, you’ll be left behind.”

By ditching the dinosaurs and embracing the future with Realtair, Max Wagschall has not only transformed his own business but also set a new standard for excellence in the industry. With Realtair leading the charge in real estate innovation, there’s no better time than now to embrace the future and take your business to the next level.


Key Takeaways

  • Embrace the future: Real estate is changing rapidly, and staying ahead of the curve requires adopting new technologies like Realtair.
  • Speed, security, and simplicity: Realtair offers a faster, more secure, and streamlined way to manage transactions, freeing up time for building relationships and closing deals.
  • Client-centric approach: Realtair’s focus on transparency and ease of use enhances the client experience, fostering trust and loyalty.
  • Maximise efficiency: Platform tools like Realtair streamline tasks like auctions, allowing agents to do more with less.

Ready to ditch the dinosaurs and join the future of real estate? Try Realtair today.

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