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🚀Come and see us live at AREC on the 26 – 27th May 🚀

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12 Aug 2022

99 to 1100 sales a year: how Kon Stathopoulos of McGrath wins talent and drives scale with Realtair

Everyone knows the impact of good leadership: it permeates everything a team does, inspiring people to achieve their best. Often good leadership is found all around us, not just in those at the top; from colleagues that champion us to managers who energise us every day. 

But great leadership – the kind of leadership that inspires the whole trajectory of a career or an industry – well, great leadership is few and far between. Kon Stathopoulos of McGrath Estate Agents is truly one of those great leaders.

Kon standing in a beautiful lush garden, smiling happily.

Great leadership is about great people

Kon prides himself on being fiercely passionate about his team, seeing himself as a champion for the growth of everyone around him. 

“We want to create better people,” says Kon. “Whether they stay with us or leave and go somewhere else or do something different, we want to make sure that they are better than what they were when they started.” 

He achieves this in part by empowering his team – with knowledge, with leads and with technology. That’s where Realtair comes in.

Technology like Realtair is important to Kon because it allows him to give agents back the thing they need the most: time. And with that time, his team can achieve truly great things. 

But, of course, that wasn’t always the case.


Rapid change drives rapid results

Before making the switch to digital, every added contract came with its own added admin. 

“On Monday morning, our team would bring in all those exchanged contracts,” explains Kon. “Our sales operations team would spend up to half a day processing those contracts to get them ready to put in Express Post envelopes and post them to solicitors.”

Now with Realtair, the team submit contracts digitally, on the spot. The time saved allows agents to concentrate on finding more leads, which in turn increases sales. Like many of his counterparts, the pandemic was the initial driver of this shift to digital – but now Kon can’t imagine doing it any other way.

“When the first lockdown occurred, we had no other choice; we had to adapt,” explains Kon. “We were forced to change – but that’s been a great thing. I can’t even think of how we used to do it compared to how we do it today.”

Documents are easier when done digitally with Realtair.

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Going digital has enabled Kon and his teams at McGrath West, NorthWest and Hawkesbury to achieve truly impressive results. They’ve gone from 99 transactions a year to over 1100 transactions a year since 2020. That sort of growth simply isn’t possible without technology.

“Technology is a vehicle that enables me to have rapid scale,” says Kon.


Forward thinking attracts forward thinking talent

Realtair doesn’t just free up time and drive scale, it helps attract and retain the best talent – simply because the team isn’t bogged down by the nitty gritty every day. 

What leaders like Kon understand is that investing in technology is actually investing in your people – and investing in people is core to how forward thinking principals operate.

“It’s a talent attractor,” explains Kon, speaking to the benefits of using Realtair. “At the same time [it maintains] productivity, you can measure all your results, and it’s a better customer experience for everyone involved.”



Realtair provides the scaffolding for agents to achieve their best: agents can focus on quality work, and leaders can concentrate on coaching and rewarding their teams. When you elevate your people, your people elevate your business – and that’s good for all involved.


Technology is a leadership decision

For those looking to make the switch to digital, the decision can be overwhelming. Where do you even start? For Kon, technology is a leadership decision first and foremost.

“It’s a decision on how you want your business to operate,” says Kon. “What is the modus operandi of how you want your system or your ecosystem to work? Everything else plugs into that.

“We’re a massive supporter [of Realtair] because it works. It’s not a cost; it’s an investment. It’s going to make your life easier. It helps you sleep well at night – it’s a no-brainer!”

Kon’s tips for leading great real estate teams

  1. Lead from below: “We don’t have the typical pyramid type of business structure where the principal sits at the top and everyone follows behind. It’s actually inverted. I sit at the bottom, and my job is to lead my people from that point. Being a manager means it’s not about me—it’s about them.”
  2. Champion your people: “If you want to get the best from people, then they need to know that you’re fully invested in their development. Be the president of their fan club every day, cheering them on.”
  3. Be radically transparent: “I share everything. I make it really clear what I am there for and I articulate that plan. I consider how we perform within our local community and what kinds of experiences we create for buyers, sellers, landlords, and tenants. My job is to be the guiding force that helps my team stay on path.”
  4. Set your team up for success: “[My agency] gives agents back the number one commodity that they want: time. They can use that for life purposes or business purposes – any way they want.”
  5. Facilitate consistency, process and focus: “Nothing comes to you if you don’t do the work. If you’re not consistent, then it’s not going to work. If you don’t have a process, it’s not going to work. And if you’re not focused, none of it’s going to work.”