🚀 Live Webinar: Learn how to prospect, list and sell with Realtair 🚀

🚀 Live Webinar: Learn how to prospect, list and sell with Realtair 🚀

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14 Aug 2023

Why agents need to adapt to the future of online real estate auctions with one platform

The real estate industry is constantly evolving, and technology now offers new ways for property to be sold and bought.

The power of real estate auction platforms

Online real estate auctions have emerged as a popular and convenient alternative to traditional methods. However, you can further maximise your sale price through hybrid online and in-person auctions.

One of the online real estate auction platforms that brings together various functionalities and tools, providing you with an end-to-end solution for selling property is Realtair.

Realtair lets you streamline your buyers’ auction experience from registration to settlement, maximise your reach by being able to share your listing page, take offers and ultimately achieve better outcomes for your clients.

Let’s explore the key benefits of using Realtair:

1. Convenience and accessibility

One of the primary advantages of an online real estate auction platform such as Realtair is the convenience it offers. Potential buyers can access property listings, make an offer, and participate in auctions from anywhere in the world – with one link. This opens up a vast pool of potential buyers, ensuring maximum exposure for your properties.

2. Streamlined process

Managing real estate auctions can involve multiple stakeholders and intricate procedures. By providing a centralised hub where you can manage all aspects of your auctions. From contracts to bidder registration and deposit collection, everything can be handled without a separate app.

3. Enhanced compliance

Compliance is crucial in real estate auctions, and online auctions are no exception. When using a platform like Realtair, you automatically track all the actions, bids and transaction history at every stage of the auction process. When it comes to being audited, all the information is logged and readily available.

4. Time and cost efficiency

Traditional real estate transactions can be time-consuming and costly. In contrast, online real estate auction platforms save you valuable time and minimise expenses. By streamlining paperwork and registrations, a comprehensive platform allows you to save on administrative costs.

"I am absolutely converted to the Realtair online auction format following three very successful auctions. The registration and following features are easy for buyers to use, and the system allows our business to conduct auctions with professional auctioneers at a time that suits us and our vendors."

Rob Southwell
Principal, Southwell Land & Water

FAQs on real estate online auctions software

To fully adapt to the future of online real estate auctions, it is essential to leverage the latest technologies available through a comprehensive platform such as Realtair. Let’s explore some frequently asked questions and how this software can contribute to your success.

How do online real estate auctions work?

There three main types of online real estate auctions being hybrid (online and in-person), online auctions and timed auctions. Hybrid Auctions allow agents to approve bids and control increments from buyers face-to-face and virtually. Online auctions are conducted via live stream with pre-registered bidders and a transparent bidding system. Timed auctions use a deadline to create urgency and are a great way to manage multi-offer scenarios.

Find out more about how online real estate auctions work and what agents are responsible for when registering bidders and ensuring transparency and compliance.

How can online real estate auctions benefit agents?

Online real estate auctions offer numerous benefits for agents. They provide a wider reach, attracting potential buyers from around the world. Additionally, Hybrid Auctions expand your potential buyer pool by making your auction accessible to in-person and online bidders, heightening chances of competitive bidding and higher sale prices. The convenience and efficiency of online auctions also save agents time and reduce administrative costs.

Learn how Realtair has helped real estate agents run effective online auctions and the impact we can make on your business.

Are online real estate auctions secure?

Yes, reputable online real estate auction platforms (such as Realtair) prioritise security and employ measures to ensure the integrity of the auction process. Our platform allows agents to also pencil bids for on-site auctions like real estate bidding sheet software, and not only includes secure data encryption and authentication protocols to protect the interests of buyers and sellers but also payment gateways to secure deposits and close deals.

What are the costs of using online real estate auction platforms?

The costs associated with online real estate auction platforms can vary. It is important to review the features of each platform to understand what you’re getting for the price.

Realtair uses a monthly pricing model, per primary agent, which provides access to all of the features that we have to offer, not only for auctions but also for prospecting, signing and deposit collection.

Adapt to the future of real estate

The future of online real estate auctions is here, and adapting to it is essential for success in the industry. By embracing a comprehensive platform that combines convenience, transparency, and advanced technologies, you can streamline your auction experience, expand your reach, and achieve optimal outcomes.

Take advantage of the power of technology, leverage the benefits of online auctions, and stay ahead in the dynamic world of real estate. Book a demo today!

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