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🚀Come and see us live at AREC on the 26 – 27th May 🚀

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2 Mar 2022

Using video and social marketing as a real estate agent

Adam Moore, a real estate agent and accredited auctioneer from Stone Real Estate Manly, understands the importance of creating emotional engagement to generate and convert leads through his social media content.

Being in Manly, understanding the laid back and luxurious lifestyle the area promotes allows Adam to tap into his purchasers’ aspirations through his video content.


Adam’s Golden Rules for content on social media


  1. Keep it short and sweet

The video must only be 1.5 minutes – people won’t pay attention for longer than that. The job of content is to attract and engage your potential buyers. If you’re not able to capture attention quickly, people move on very quickly.


  1. Timing is everything

Understanding how your vendors and purchasers behave, timing-wise, is crucial when posting information about a property. For example, posting at 11 AM is too early for someone to see your post and then discuss with family members or partners, whereas if you were to post at 7 PM the property will receive a larger audience and more engagement.  


  1. Give before you take

Provide value with your content. You’ll be the local expert they’ll learn to come to you for the latest information about the area, so you don’t have to sell yourself. Platforms like Instagram are highly visual, so your content must be enticing to the eye. Curate your grid with high-resolution photographs, vibrant location shots and well-executed videos.


  1. Lead with a question

Try to put a question in the heading of your posts to engage the audience more. Adam tries to use questions that people always ask him to create affinity with the things they already have on their minds.

One of the questions he often gets is: “Why don’t people leave Manly?” Using that as inspiration, Adam went and interviewed a local family at a local cafe to find the answer. The resulting video got over 40,000 views online – 8x the usual hits!

Often real estate agents may find they are time poor and feel like posting on social media is too daunting for an already packed week of listing appointments, inspections and auctions.

Want to get started with video and social marketing for your real estate business?


Here are some tools that will help:



A marketing platform perfect for planning visually compelling Instagram schedules. It takes the stress out of not knowing what to post about. When you have a moment of inspiration, spend 3 hours planning out the next month of posts ahead of time.



Creates a visual look for your Instagram feed before you post it. You can see what nine images look like together at any one time.


Hootsuite’s blog

Even if you don’t use Hootsuite to plan and schedule your social posts, their blog is still an excellent resource for more advanced tips to excel on social media. Keep on top of marketing trends and stay one step ahead of other agents in your area by making a fantastic social profile your secret weapon.