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🚀Come and see us live at AREC on the 26 – 27th May 🚀

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29 Apr 2024

3 reasons digital Agency Agreements save you listings

Losing listings to faster, more efficient agents? Feeling like you spend more time dealing with the paper chase than building relationships with clients?

Every successful real estate agent knows the game. Time is money, and every hour spent wrestling with paperwork is an hour you could be closing deals. It’s time to stop playing catch-up and start dominating the competition.

This is where digital real estate platforms like Realtair come in. Streamline your workflow, support compliance, and free yourself to focus on what truly matters: building rock-solid client relationships and closing deals.

Here are 3 reasons why digital Agency Agreements can help you win more listings and dominate the competition.

1. You become the fastest mover

Let’s be honest: tedious paperwork and endless printing are relics of the past. Realtair makes this a reality with digital sign-offs for Agency Agreements.

Gone are the days of chasing after signatures and deciphering messy handwriting. With a few clicks, agreements are sent, reviewed, and signed electronically, saving you precious hours and eliminating the need for physical documents.

Plus, Realtair integrates seamlessly with other providers, allowing you to manage all your Agency Agreements, sales authorities, and forms from a single, centralised hub. No more scrambling through file cabinets — just effortless organisation at your fingertips.

Speed and efficiency with Realtair's digital Agency Agreements

2. Effortless compliance, every time

Navigating the ever-changing world of real estate regulations can feel like a constant battle. Realtair steps in as your secret weapon, offering support to help you stay compliant. Our online platform provides standardised templates and clauses tailored to your specific Australian state or territory, giving you a strong foundation for agreements that meet legal requirements.

Realtair also offers digitally verifiable agreements, adding a layer of security and minimising the risk of fraud. By integrating with industry leaders like REI and ADL, we provide peace of mind, knowing you’re always operating within the legal framework, no matter where in Australia your business takes you.


How Realtair helps keep the whole office compliant with digital Agency Agreements

3. You impress clients with speed and efficiency

Speed is king in real estate. The sooner you get your Agency Agreement in front of a potential client, the stronger your position. Realtair lets you capitalise on this by instantly delivering agreements via email. Eliminate delays and secure listings before the competition even knows what hit them.

"I met a client at 6 o’clock and then sent them the Agency Agreement at 6:45 once I got home... The speed at which you can get things finalised – that protects you as an agent.”

Max Wagschall_Headshot
Max Wagschall
Property Partner, The Agency Lower North Shore

Don’t let cumbersome paperwork hold you back. With Realtair, you can present a professional and efficient solution to your clients right away.

By embracing Realtair, you’ll streamline your real estate proposals, simplify your compliance efforts, and sharpen your edge over the competition. Crush the paperwork, dominate the market, and embrace the digital revolution.

Stop losing listings to paperwork. Get started with Realtair. Book a demo today.
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