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🚀Come and see us live at AREC on the 26 – 27th May 🚀

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12 Jul 2023

Real estate lead generation tips 2023

After 20+ years with Gary Peer & Associates, Adam Joske now leads Belle Property’s growth into the Victorian market as the Director of Sales for its St Kilda office. One of Victoria’s top agents, Adam is an expert in real estate lead generation with the proven ability to work with thirty hot leads at any given time.

His commitment to structure and organisation means that he never let people forget him. We’ve asked him to share the steps he takes to nurture his database, create new relationships and win more listings.


Here are some of Adam’s top recommendations to add to your 2023 prospecting plan:


Set up structures, systems & processes now

“Find out everything you can about your area – every individual property and person. The good news is that once that’s done, it’s done forever,” says Adam.

With help, Adam entered every property in his farm area over several months – house by house, from one corner to the opposite corner – and identified the size of the land, whether it was a period home, modern or, whether it was weatherboard or brick. “If I sell a semi-detached home in Elsternwick, I will send a letter saying I’ve just sold a semi-detached home in Elsternwick, but I will only send it to people in Elsternwick who have got semi-detached, solid brick homes – I won’t send it to people who’ve got apartments, so it’s very targeted.”


Use your database and keep the data clean

Put everyone you meet into your database, whether you use a CRM like Agentbox or an old fashioned spreadsheet, try to ensure that the data is clean. If they’re a doctor, add them into the system as ”Dr”. This cleanliness also helps ensure you are addressing people in your correspondence letters by the correct title. It also means you don’t end up addressing clients by the wrong name in personalised email greetings.


Categorise properties and relationships

The key to prospecting is working with a highly targeted database. Each client is categorised as either a hot, warm or cold prospect. For instance, if you are in a supermarket and start a conversation with a person who is interested in selling their home, be sure to get their details and put them in your database as a hot prospect.

Adam also categorises his data into advocates, triple, double or single based on the relationship he has with them. A triple advocate is someone he has had multiple transactions with, and a double is someone with whom he has had one transaction whereas a single is someone who has just entered the database.


Deliver high impact and targeted marketing

Adam advises marketing to clients by dwelling and relationship. “Find a way of communicating with your market regularly with relevant, targeted information, not generic information that’s going to bore them, where they will ultimately unsubscribe”. The key to success in prospecting is in the preparation, and having clean data that is organised and actionable in your database.


No matter what CRM you use to prospect and store your client database in, it’s important to always maintain data hygiene so you can apply these strategies effectively to your prospecting plan for 2023.

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