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11 Mar 2022

Make better calls to buyers after an open (+script)

John Angelopoulos of the Meson Agency founded his company to help real estate agents be more effective on the phone. Buyers are an integral part of the prospecting game. They go on to become future vendors, so it’s important to make sure you provide top-notch service. By making buyer engagement a part of your prospecting plan, you build a powerful network of future vendors who will eventually come back and sell real estate through you.

There are two key things John always advises his clients when it comes to having effective conversations:


Go beyond the dialogue

The problem with scripts is what happens when it goes off-script – what do you say?

“Scripts and dialogues serve a great purpose, but as soon as a conversation goes off script, you start fumbling and mumbling. As soon as something gets thrown in there, or even just the pacing changes – it’s a challenge,” says John.

If you want to go beyond a script, John suggests mind mapping how a logical conversation happens, and identifying all the different responses clients would come up with.


Treat your buyer calls as if they are prospects

With open for inspection call-backs you have to make the most out of those leads. Those are arguably some of the best leads you can get for any sort of follow up call in real estate. Most people are busy and you need to be able to captivate the prospect’s attention instantly and qualify that lead quickly because you’re running a campaign.

If they’re going to 10 other open for inspections, they’re speaking to 10 other agents, so make sure that if they are a good lead and that you capture their details.

Steal John’s script for following up buyers from opens:


Tim Jones: Hello.

John A.: Hi, Tim, it’s John calling from Top Real Estate. How are you?

Tim Jones: Good, thanks, John.

John A.: Very good. I just wanted to give you a quick call because you came through the property at 61 Webb Street last week. We just wanted to see what your thoughts were on that property? We’ve had a few others that are floating around, and we want to relay the relevant information back to our vendor.

Tim Jones: No problem; it’s a great property, good size. There’s another couple there in that area we’re looking at, but it’s on our list.

John A.: Okay. Are there any other properties that you saw that were higher on that list?

Tim Jones: No, this is top of the list.

John A.: Okay, great. Are there any other decision-makers that need to see the property? Or, is it just something that you need to sit on for a little while?

Tim Jones: No, no, we’re both there together at the same time.

John A.: Terrific! If we were to have someone that comes past and makes another offer, is it something that you’d want us to let you know about, I’m assuming now?

Tim Jones: Yeah, definitely straight away. Have you got any other offers?

John A.: No other offers at this stage. Look, again, it’s one of those situations where we might get one, and we have to reflect that straight away to our vendor. The best thing in this scenario, especially if you are interested, is to put your hand up and make the first step.

Again, I don’t want to force you into the decision, but if both the decision-makers have seen it, you like it, and you think it’s right for you, we can start the ball rolling at least with an offer and see what the vendors would think about it.

Tim Jones: What do you think it will go for?

John A.: Look, the quote range was $1.1M to $1.2M. That’s the level where we’d feel comfortable making an offer. In excess of $1.2M, I can guarantee you’re going to have an excellent chance. If below $1.1M, I’m happy to put the offer forward, but I can’t speak on behalf of the vendor at that level.

Tim Jones: Okay. I’ll speak to my wife, and we’ll come back to you.

John A.: Great. If it’s okay with you, I’ll touch base maybe later on today and see what you think? Otherwise, feel free to give me a call anytime between that.

Tim Jones: Excellent. Thanks, John, for your call.

John A.: No worries. Thank you for your time, Tim.