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14 Mar 2024

How private treaty listings can help you sell faster

Keen to steer clear of the fast-paced pressure of auctions? Private treaty listings remain a popular choice for both sellers and buyers, particularly those who value flexibility, privacy, and the ability to negotiate. 

The question is: How can you turn your private treaty listings from mediocre to masterful? How can you sell faster via private treaty to keep those commissions (and happy vendors) rolling in?

These are big questions. But they can easily be solved with the right tactics and technologies in play. Think about it: From the moment you first meet with a vendor through to final negotiations and contract finalisation, private treaty sales follow a predictable step-by-step process. And any opportunities to streamline or elevate those steps using technology will ultimately help you get that ‘sold’ sticker up faster.

Don’t believe us? Here are three ways a platform like Realtair helps streamline the private treaty process while making it easier than ever for buyers to make offers online.

1. Capture leads upfront

With an online platform powering every sale, it’s easy to capture the details of all interested parties who come through a home open or enquire about a listing. You can also add auto-generated QR codes to all your marketing collateral. This points potential buyers straight to an online sign-up page, where they can get all the property details, register their interest and make an offer.

Then, with their details all stored centrally, you can automatically populate every document that follows with the right details — no manual data entry required.

showcasing how to use Realtair for Private treaty sales



"Realtair gives agents a structured, fair, and repeatable approach managing auctions or private treaty campaigns, making compliance bulletproof. It delivers equal opportunity for every buyer to purchase a property, helping agents bring deals to a head much quicker than they usually would. Buyers appreciate the transparency and ease of use. Ultimately, Realtair gives agents credibility."

Shane Slater
Shane Slater
Co-Founder of Realtair / Property Partner at The Agency

2. Simplify the buying process

Instead of voicemails and messages, buyers can sign up online to make an offer in just a few clicks. With everyone using the same platform and all offers stored centrally, buyers regard tools like Realtair as a fairer way to agree to a property price and the conditions of sale.



3. Cut down on admin

Behind the scenes, a platform like Realtair saves countless hours of admin time for real estate agents. All offers come through on one platform, ready for review, negotiation or sharing with the vendor. It means you spend less time digging through emails and text messages or sifting through piles of paperwork, and more time selling.

Plus, you’ve got the peace of mind of knowing that all offers and dealings with potential buyers are recorded and documented for audit purposes. With a real-time log of every interaction, compliance is a breeze.

Curious about how Realtair could transform your private treaty listings strategy? Book a demo today.
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