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15 Feb 2024

5 ways the right introduction will help you convert real estate prospects

Hands up if you still send out prospecting brochures in the mail or print out letters for the lounge room? No judgement if you do. For decades, they were a tried-and-tested way of staying top-of-mind with prospective vendors and drumming up new business.

But times have changed. Today, the best way to introduce yourself is through Digital Introductions — these are personalised, stylised, and precisely targeted communications that make your personal brand stand out. Think of them like individual landing pages, which you can quickly set up for each prospect and easily share via SMS or email.

Let’s look at how Digital Introductions celebrate your unique selling proposition and make an impact — before you even walk in the door.

1. Showcase your strengths, humbly of course

With a Digital Introduction, you can put your best foot forward with a thoughtfully crafted and curated experience that highlights your strengths and sets you apart from the competition. It’s your first opportunity to truly connect with a brand-new prospect, so you want to make it count.

Our Digital Introductions help you ‘show, not tell’. By showcasing your expertise and highlighting your successes through examples and proof points, you will quickly convince vendors that you’re the right agent for them. And, because you’re using real-life examples and stats, it doesn’t come across as bragging or chest-beating.



2. Stay in control of your personal brand

A Digital Introduction lets you control everything from how you come across a new client, to the proposed timeline of sale events. You get to set expectations around meeting times and agendas while giving the prospect easy ways to request a change (after all, you want to show them how easy you are to work with, right?). 

An added bonus? When you use Realtair Digital Introductions, you get a notification when the prospect opens the link, so you’ll know exactly when to follow up.




"Realtair has been simply fantastic for my business. It provides a professional, streamlined approach to my marketing and appraisal proposals, and the response from my clients has been sensational. It allows me to easily track and manage my database of prospective vendors, as well as farm new clients along the way."

Lucas Bradley
Elders Real Estate Goolwa, Principal

3. Build better relationships

For most people, selling or buying real estate is a pretty big deal. Not only is all the paperwork and box-ticking stressful, but it involves a lot of money.

That’s why trust is at the heart of every successful real estate agent’s relationship. And guess what? A Digital Introduction is a great way to nurture this trust. By introducing yourself in a timely, warm and professional manner, you become that little bit more familiar to a prospective vendor and build an initial relationship before meeting in person.


4. That first impression? It lasts.

If you’re the only real estate agent in the area sending out a personalised, professional Digital Introduction, then we guarantee you’ll make a lasting impression. Our Digital Introductions have that ‘wow’ factor — they’re customised and engaging, and they clearly communicate your unique selling proposition.

With Digital Introductions still not widely used, this is your chance to seize upon a powerful point of difference and show your prospects how you have your finger on the digital pulse.

First impressions are everything, so make them count.

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5. It’s personal

Across industries, personalisation is proving to be a game-changer in converting prospects to loyal customers. In fact, 71% of customers expect businesses to provide personalised experiences, and a staggering 76% feel frustrated when this expectation goes unmet. The real estate industry is not immune to these expectations.

Digital Introductions are your chance to show each and every prospect that you value them. That you’ve listened and you understand them. The result? A greater likelihood that they’ll sign you up.

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