🚀 Live Webinar: Learn how to prospect, list and sell with Realtair 🚀

🚀 Live Webinar: Learn how to prospect, list and sell with Realtair 🚀

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22 Mar 2024

5 essential steps to prospecting like a pro

Are you feeling the pinch of a stagnant lead flow? Every successful real estate agent experiences dry spells from time to time. But, the key to unlocking a constant stream of clients lies in crafting a top-notch prospecting plan.

Think of it like building a sturdy dam – consistent effort creates a powerful reservoir of potential clients. With these 5 ripper steps, you’ll transform your prospecting efforts from a mere trickle to a torrent, keeping your client pipeline overflowing and your business booming.

Now, let’s dive deeper into these steps and see how you can turn prospecting from a chore into a strategic, client-centric approach that fuels your real estate success.

1. Dedicate time each day for prospecting

Even when juggling a packed schedule with multiple listings and inquiries, carving out dedicated prospecting time each day is non-negotiable. Consistency is the golden rule for building a robust pipeline. Remember, a steady flow of prospects translates to more listings and ultimately, a thriving business.

Fuel your client pipeline:  Block a dedicated “Client Magnet” time slot on your calendar for daily prospecting activities. Consistency is key, so treat it like a VIP client meeting – unwavering commitment is your secret weapon.

Integrate Realtair’s Price Updates into your prospecting routine. Create and send property updates that showcase your expertise and value proposition even before that first meeting. Make a powerful first impression and stand out from the crowd!

“With Realtair, I can go to a café by the beach or overlooking the river, and send them while I enjoy a coffee. That’s my prospecting done for the day. The next day, I follow up with a phone call – which often opens up new conversations."

Paul Parkinson
Sales Consultant, Mint Real Estate

2. Leverage and expand your existing network

We all know buying or selling a home can be a stressful, emotionally charged experience. Naturally, people gravitate towards agents recommended by trusted connections. That’s why leveraging your existing network is a prospecting goldmine. Instead of cold-calling strangers who might be wary or overwhelmed, focus on nurturing relationships with the people you already know.

By staying top-of-mind, you become the go-to agent for referrals when someone in their circle needs real estate expertise. This allows you to build a “Client Constellation” – a network of potential clients nurtured through genuine connections.

Take action:  Implement a system for staying connected with past clients. Send regular Price Updates and newsletters packed with valuable market insights and local happenings. Schedule check-in calls to see how they’re doing and offer ongoing support. Remember birthdays and anniversaries – a thoughtful gesture like a handwritten card goes a long way!

3. Engage and foster community relationships

New to the scene and looking to build your network from scratch? Building your network doesn’t have to be a solitary endeavor. Immerse yourself in your local community! 

Attending events, volunteering your time, or even joining local business associations are fantastic ways to connect with local influencers, potential clients, and gain valuable insights into the specific dynamics of your local market.

Make it happen: After attending community events, don’t let those connections fade. Send personalised connection requests to the people you met. You can even take it a step further: Share event updates on LinkedIn and tag your new connections – extend the networking power of the event into the digital realm to solidify connections and establish yourself as a local expert!

4. Personal outreach to leads for closing listings

Expired listings represent a daily prospecting treasure trove. Dedicate time for personalised outreach to sellers who might be feeling discouraged after their property didn’t sell. 

A handwritten note or a thoughtful email demonstrating your genuine interest and tailored approach can significantly increase your chances of landing the listing. It shows initiative and sets you apart from the generic mass-marketing crowd.

Get creative:  Go beyond the generic “We can sell your house!” approach. Tailor your message to the specific property. If the expired listing lacked curb appeal, showcase your staging expertise! Highlight unique marketing strategies using Digital Introductions to showcase past success stories of maximising property value.


5. Respond to new leads and enquiries ASAP

Speed is of the essence when responding to new leads and enquiries. Remember, potential clients are likely overwhelmed by the buying or selling process, and they won’t spend forever searching for an agent. Being the first to reach out and offer support is a surefire way to convert prospects into clients.

Become a Speedy Gonzales: Set up mobile alerts for lead sources and have listing information readily available. Aim to connect with new leads within the hour (via phone or email) to discuss their needs. This swift action demonstrates dedication!

Take a cue from Paul Parkinson of Mint Real Estate in East Fremantle. He uses Realtair’s Price Updates to send personalised property reports to every prospect every four months, automatically. This keeps him top-of-mind with leads and past clients! Plus, it can spark new interest from those curious about their home’s current value.


Curious how Realtair can help you build a consistent client stream? Book a demo today.
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