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    What we are


    We’re a passionate team of real estate professionals, real estate educators, auctioneers, engineers, and business people.

    Our mission is to make it easier for agents to appraise, list and sell real estate more efficiently and cost effectively.

    A proptech platform started in Australia by agents for agents, Realtair aims to automate and streamline the steps from appraisal to settlement to equip agents with mobile, easy to use technology. 

    We cover the entire sales process workflow with our digital solutions Pitch, Sign, Flow, AuctionNow, HomePassport and Canvas with more solutions in development all the time. In addition, the Realtair Academy ensures our clients receive world class onboarding, delivery and training when signing up for our products.

    Known as Middleware, Realtair is multipurpose software that integrates and consolidates platforms, tools, and data. This enables it to function with incumbent Real Estate software programs to make it easier for businesses to streamline their processes to create cost and process efficiencies.

    Continually at the forefront of industry innovation, Realtair constantly evolves to provide a platform for the new era, Digital Agent.